My Hormones Are Out To Get Me! *graphic-ish?*

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My Hormones Are Out To Get Me! *graphic-ish?*

Postby ManicMommy » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:37 pm

I had a very long period that started 12/25 and lasted for 10+ days. Then I got a very faint BFP around the 29th of Jan. My aunt died on the 31st and I started spotting. I thought it was stress but I had bright red bleeding, it wasn't heavy (as in a lot of blood) but was heavy (as in thick, viscous, tacky?) but bright red. It lasted for the last 7 days and I'm still spotting (normal AF is 4-5 days).

Normally I'd write this off as a chemical pregnancy or a m/c which is what I believed it to be (cramps like labor pains, so bad that I took something for pain and laid in bed and had a low grade fever). Here's the kicker, I've had mild cramps and sore bbs since Christmas. I'm just barely spotting but the cramps and low back pain and sore bbs are still here.

No darkening veins on the bbs, no nausea... my center of gravity seems off (I'm clumsy) but I attributed that to the pain meds (none today and still clumsy) but the fatigue and cramps are back. I had low HCG with my DD (less than 100 at 8 weeks, doc wanted to do a D&C) so I'm winging it..

It's very frustrating... I tell DH that I'm going to buy a sono machine and figure out how to work it!

I'm probably just bloated and grieving and will be fine next week but I needed a place to express my frustration with being so... abnormal.
Me-31-PCOS, history of low HCG, multiple early losses.
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