Implantation Bleeding??

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Implantation Bleeding??

Postby Baby_Bumble_Bee » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:50 pm

Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone out there can help answer some questions for me.

My last period was on jan 10, 2012. I normally have 28-35 day cycles and AF usually last about 6 days.

This month however on CD 25 I started spotting...but it wasnt like period spotting. Instead I had like brownish/ sometimes pink discharge. It wasnt a lot (often times it was just when I wiped), and only a couple of times did a small amount get on my panty liner ( I was afraid AF was coming)

This spotting remained brown with the occasional light pink for 4 days and then just stopped. It never got heavier and never saw anything other than the brownish color. I took a test on the 8th which was CD 30 but got a BFN...Could I still be pregnant?? and has anyone else had any experience with implantation bleeding?? If it was implantation how long should I wait to retest???

i'm not positive what day I ovulated, but im pretty sure it was the 24th (juding by my CM). Any information helps!!! Thanks :)
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Postby BlackAngelPlayah » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:49 pm

If you haven't already tested, test now. With longer cycles, we don't really know when to test. But I usually wait until after my 46 days are up, then maybe test the next week. Oddly enough, I get my bfn, then AF starts. Weird.

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Postby oktober84 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:59 pm

Its hard to judge. I have cycles ranging from 30-38 days during my 30 day cycles I ovulate around CD 15-16 then my cycle of 33 I O'ed CD 19 (ended in chemical pregnancy) and the last cycle I O'ed around CD23-24. It's possible that you may have O'ed later then you thought and you just wont show a BFP for a couple of more days. FX :)

also you say you experienced spotting on CD25 so maybe you O'ed on CD 25 this cycle which should push this cycle back to 37-41 days.
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