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Postby nmjimenez2012 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:13 pm

so i went to drs today and dr put me on Estrogen for 21 days....and clomid from 5-9 cycle days...then scared what if i get pregnant do i take the provera. im so confused. then the dr gave me like a llist of the days to take meds/when to have sex/and when im going fr blood work. well day 1 says first day of period but im not getting one so do i start tonight???? so confused.

what happened is that 2 yrs ago i got pg with my daughter had her in june 2010 then went rigth on depo shot bc i didnt want aother so quick. last shot was april of 2011. no periods since then. last month i was on estorgen and provera period came feb 8 for two days but onlly dark brown no red then stopped. so she said start this stuff. she was my RE and i think maybe she forgot to let me know when t start. im gonna call office tomorrow...

***my dr knows where trying thats why shes helping me....
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