midcycle spotting with 4 day late AF,negative HPT

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midcycle spotting with 4 day late AF,negative HPT

Postby ash2012 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:46 pm

this cycle i got midcycle spotting (all old blood) for 10 days the day after positive OPK,2 days of the 10 were enough to fill 1 tampon per day but was still old blood,all the other days were mostly pasty brown DC and dark brown DC.I got random cramps during the 10 days and metallic taste in mouth.When it finally stopped i got clear CM but only a tiny bit then was dry when AF was due.3 days after AF was due i got sore bbs and very thick translucent CM then went back to dry by end of day.The day AF was due started getting bad cramping again but has been on/off since,usually i get cramping consistently then AF arrives.Has anyone had midcycle spotting and got late AF?
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