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Postby bella205 » Wed May 16, 2012 4:15 pm

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had some experiences with Metformin? And if so, did it regulate your cycles? I have been irregular on and off my whole life. I started it about a month ago (taking 1000mg a day) and AF came after a long 113 day cycle. I also O'd exactly 2 weeks before AF came. I am so happy that it worked and am hoping it continues!
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Postby tshanda » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:00 am


I have started taking metformin for a while. This month, I noticed that I had a brown discharge when I would wipe myself after using the washroom. It lasted for three days. Have any of you have this happen? What is the meaning of it?

Also I had cervical mucus with a line of blood, is that anything to worry about?

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Postby PrincessX » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:08 am

I am on 1000 mg of metformin. My cycles were irregular but the last 8 months they've been like clockwork every 30-32 days. However, I skipped last months period and this months period too ( w/ :bfn: )so now I'm somewhere around cd 69 with no :af: in sight. So no regularity for me, as of late. Hopefully itll stay working for you though.
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