CD 45

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CD 45

Postby rachaels_mom » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:42 am

I'm just venting here, I had a regular 28 day cycle to the day since I started at 14. Had DD then once again was 28 days until I turned 30. Now I'm mostly 28 to 32 days with cycles like this one thrown in there every now and then. The difference this time is that I'm wanting to start IVF had a consult on friday. From the ultrasound they said it "looks like I'm post ovulatory, but they aren't sure" I also have another follicle developing, so maybe I'm gearing to O? They don't know and of course neither do I :? I have to start in order to start the IVF cycle, he said that maybe I have a very mild case of pcos, but I'm basically "unexplained" infertility. I have cramping but they are different from normal af cramps, it feels more like I'm going to ovulate (like the cramps I had on clomid and follistim) this is the worst cycle I've had in a long time. Ok vent is over lol
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