Dont know what to think?!

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Dont know what to think?!

Postby hns117 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:26 pm

Hello- i came off depo shot end of december after about a yr on. My periods stopped whileon depo. When i didnt get my injection, i got a period within 2weeks of skipping it. Ive tracked my periods symptoms etc ever since.

At first i was having a period almost a week on, week off. The last couple months they have thinned out. The longest cycle i ever had my whole life was 31 days- that was a few months ago, shortly after that i had 15 day cycles and then gradually back to the 20s. Before depo i was a regular 28day cycle- knew exactly how long i would bleed, what the flow would be like, how i would feel- it was clockwork! Now im getting fed up!

Not trying for a baby but gotta say bf and i are not always careful- sometimes start without a condom, but always put one on after a little while. Recently didnt use condom at all- did the old withdrawl method. Im now on day 33 of my cycle. Been getting little cramps for days, sore boobs for days, feeling tired and felt really sick a couple times too!

I highly doubt im pregnant- did a test on day 30 and got a neg result. I hoped that would calm my mind and make my period come but it didnt. Cant think what would cause such a huge delay in getting my period- usually when my cycles have been wonky, ive only got period symptoms the day before, on and day after.. Not for 4days with nothing happening!

My dr said to wait at least another week to do another test but this is so annoying! Just want my period tocome and be over and done with lol!

Any advice or ideas??
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