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CD 60 without AF & irregular cycles

Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:20 pm

Hello Ladies,

I actually posted this on the "General TTC" section earlier today, but then found this section on Irregular Cycles and figured it might be a better fit since my cycles have always been irregular....

Although I have been visiting this site for the last few months (especially during the 2WW), I'm a first-time poster. Thank you to all who have made this site such a great source of information and inspiration for all those TTC.

We are currently on our fourth month TTC. We have a 7 year-old son who was conceived literally on one try (meaning I was in another city the entire month he was conceived except for one day, which we BD'd). :-) For various reasons, we are just now trying for our second and have high hopes that we will be able to give our son the awesome gift of a sibling. I am 38 and hoping it's not too late.

I must admit, I have never kept track of my irregular cycles before now. It really never bothered me that they were irregular and long until this TTC journey began 4 months back. Now it's tough b/c I don't have that many months by which to compare them. My last four cycles have been 35, 41, 36, & 47 days. My luteal phase seemed quite consistent at 13-16 days, which is what it seems they should be.

However, on this fourth try, I am now on CD 59 (and estimated 31 DPO) without AF showing. I had very light spotting (only when wiping, not on underwear) for two days from approx. 8-9 DPO and an entire week of cramping after that. The spotting was light pink/brown, not red. This cramping made me feel like AF would show up at any minute; so much so that I made sure I had a tampon in hand just about every time I visited the bathroom. However, it never came, and I didn't have any additional spotting.

My other issues are: very tender nipples (but not necessarily breasts), full breasts, exhaustion (the kind where I just want to lay down anywhere), severe moodiness, headaches, indigestion, tired & burning eyes, slight LBP, vivid dreams (many about babies and me being pregnant). My CM has been abundant, mostly creamy & odorless.

As far as I can see, there are four reasons that I would have missed my period: 1) I am pregnant, 2) I had an anovulatory cycle, 3) I ovulated late, or 4) some other hormonal imbalance that is whacking out my hormones. It is my understanding that women with irregular cycles often have anovulatory cycles as well. While I cannot prove ovulation with a temperature chart (I forgot my thermometer and temp chart the very day I think I ovulated when I went out of town, so I can't prove I ovulated...UGH!!!), I really think I did based on + OPK, lots of EWCM, followed by a day that I felt very moody and with LBP and then the next day my breasts started feeling tender. Obviously, this doesn't prove ovulation occurred, but it points towards it probability. Also, I don't think that I would have spotted at 8-9 DPO and then had cramping for a week if it had been an anovulatory cycle. I think this discounts late ovulation as well. Plus, due to my partner's schedule, he was out of town almost the whole month except for the week I think I ovulated and we tried. Do I make any sense? Again, I'm new to all this, so I might not have the greatest understanding about this whole process.

Here's the kicker. I have taken over ten HPT (good brands like FRER and Clear Blue), and they have all been BFN!!! Essentially, one would think pregnancy is automatically ruled out. However, I took two tests (passed my missed period) when I was pregnant with my son that were BFN and actually didn't test + with him until I was near 7 weeks pregnant. I keep telling myself that I just could be one of those women who doesn't test + on a HPT for a long time (and I have read many similar stories of other women not testing positive until 12 weeks), but negative test after negative test still makes me think I might just be crazy.

I actually do have an appointment with my GYN tomorrow to try to figure this out. I read that they usually want you to wait until CD 60 before coming in, so that is what I have done. The wait has been nothing short of excruciating. A part of me just wants to ask for an US so that I can see with my own eyes whether I am or am not pregnant. After reading stories of women whose blood tests even came back negative, I'm not sure I'll trust the blood test either.

I feel like they're going to look at me like I'm crazy and just laugh at the fact that I would even think that I could be pregnant with all those BFN's this far out.

What do you guys think??

Thanks so much for listening.

SRQ girl

Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:34 pm

Hi SRQgirl

didn't want to read and run... but i'm in the same boat as you... i'm cd90 something and don't usually take this long for af to come... but i'm bd every 2nd or 3rd day just in case... since i've heard those stories that didn't ovulate until unitl late and didn't get their bfp until cd93 or cd127...

good luck and hope you get your bfp soon!

Re: CD 60 without AF & irregular cycles

Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:50 am

Hey! Irregular cycles suck. They are so incredibly frustrating, but I wanted to touch on a few things in your post..

Luteal phases usually don't vary by a few days- so while 13-16 days might seem consistent, it isn't. 13/14 would be consistent. And generally speaking, LPs don't change (unless you are using some sort of medication to lengthen them, which yours sound like a good length). The part of the cycle that changes is the follicular phase- it is usually consistent, but for us lucky irregular cyclers, it can vary greatly.

As for how many DPO you are- LPs are very rarely above 18 days, so the chance of being 31 DPO is unlikely. It is more probable that you ovulated late (so you would be less than 31 DPO) or have not ovulated yet. I would say you probably haven't missed your period, but rather, your cycle is delayed, hence your period will be delayed.

The problem with pinpointing ovulation based on OPTs and CM is it can vary so much in your cycle. I myself had many signs of ovulation (including some false temp rises), but had not actually ovulated. The only way you can really know for sure is by tracking a sustained temp rise.

That being said, if you have a history of not getting BFPs until later, that could be it- I sure hope it is for you!

Re: CD 60 without AF & irregular cycles

Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:59 pm

Hey ladies!
Ok, I know this is super old, but I just found this thread! I am on CD 58 with no AF! I chart all my symptoms and it seems that my body has geared up for O twice this cycle. Both CD 26 and CD 38. So, is my body just trying to O, but doesn't? I've never had this long of a cycle before.
What ended up happening for you guys?

Re: CD 60 without AF & irregular cycles

Wed May 21, 2014 8:34 am

Hi all. Just found this group. Had posted on other boards but don't seem to get responses.

I'm 28 and this month, mid cycle, DH and I decided to NTNP. We BD on 5/6 and 5/7 noticed ewcm (which could have been present earlier, just hadn't been paying attention). Anyway 5/6 would have been CD27 for me but I've had a vvvvery stressful 6 weeks (and lost 13 lbs in that time d/t anxiety, bmi still 20 though).

Move ahead about a week or more to what I assume now was 9, 10, 11 DPO. Started to feel low grade nausea, cramping (unlike me mid cycle), and bleeding gums. BFN at 11 and 13 DPO.

Now, last night geared up for AF (13 DPO). Felt terrible. Pretty bad cramping with shooting pains in my butt/legs (always like that with AF) and gas/bloating. Woke up with same pains but no AF on 14 DPO (suspected ovulation). Now midday, cramps are gone. Went to bathroom and had ewcm/yellow glob of cm but when I check my cervix it is high (can just barely reach), firm and posterior and cm when I check that way is creamy.

Very confused. Don't want to test again. Cycles have been 30-35 days x 1 year. Was on ocps x 10 years. Had one 44 day cycle this year so this cycle is approaching that in length. But it feels different. I also feel like I've had ewcm 3x this cycle. Today and two previously (when I suspected ovulation, then a week later). Do you think I'm not ovulating, just gearing up to?

I have a thyroid disorder. Hashimotos and I fluctuate between hyper-hypo but my midwife just checked my tsh/t4 last week and all normal. My mom had endometriosis but had children without assistance. I'm nervous that I might have never known I had endometriosis d/t long course of ocps.

Think it's possible I'm pregnant or just delayed due to stress/weightloss?

Want cycle to end if I'm not pregnant so I can start temping/opks.

Any advice or comments appreciated!!
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