42 day cycles, help!

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42 day cycles, help!

Postby amandalee1023 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:30 am

As a little back story, I'm 25 years of age, I have had two full term, normal pregnancies, resulting in healthy babies with no complicaton's other then my sons cord being wrapped, at age 18 and 22. both times i was pregnant instantly, my daughter was somewhat of a surprize as we were not ttc but we were not preventing either. my son i had gone off of birth control in may of 2008 and by june 2008 ovulation tests where not working and i took a pregnancy test out of a gut feeling and sure enough i was pregnant, pretty much before i could even start trying to concieve.lol
I have been an on an off occasional smoker in the past, and for the last few months or so I have been smoking on an off due to the recent stress factors I've been dealing with. (I decided to 100% kick the habit as of last wed)
last year, aprox july-oct we were ttc, in early november i learned at about cd 45 that i was preg. i had my first prenatal visit on dec 23 that should have put me at about 8-10 weeks, and on there scans i was only showing at about 4 weeks. a week later i went back again and although my levels rose drastically my "sac" went up to 5 weeks in size but no fetal pole etc. (at aprox 9-11 weeks) this repeated for two more weeks until i was finally past the 12 week mark since my last period, with off the chart levels, and i still had a 6week aprox size sac with a yoke and no fetal pole and no changes over the last week. i opted to wait to miscarry as i was assured it was a bad pregnancy. one or two more weeks had passed and my nerves and anxiety were eatting me alive, i decided to call and opt for the at home treatment to induce preterm labor and terminate the "bad pregnancy" or so they called it. i did this on the last weekend in january, the worst thing i could have went through, but i was glad i was home and in my own bed. within about two weeks or so my levels dropped back down to a 3, and the bleeding slowed and stopped. i had my first cycle late feb/early march, and again on april 1st about 29 days later. april-may increased to 39. may-june was 41. june-july was 30. july to august actually ended up being to sept at a 50 day cycle, then a 42 day cycle into october, and im currently on day 5 of af.
we have been actively trying to concieve since march, with no luck. i tracked ovulation for sept and october and got three (+) spikes both months about 5 days apart on cd 14, cd 20 and cd 25 or around those days for the previous month.
we have been baby dancing once period ends, every day around the projected fertile days either with the spikes or the calendars, and every other day the rest of the month up until about cd 35.
im going on my 9th cycle of ttc after loss, and im having a very hard time staying confident. its taking a huge toll on my emotions, and my sleep habits, and general attitude. i was having a poas addiction starting from day 29 to af came, i have promised myself only to use one if i reach 42 with no AF, (which last cycle was 50 so i was going crazy) i wanted this so bad, and it was very hard to have it ripped away from me before. more so because my best friend concieved almost to the day i did, and while i was come crying into a pillow she was continuing her pregnancy. it was just so un expected, but it ripped us apart. i felt like i needed my friend, and the answer i got from her was, well you have two children so you should just be happy with what you have. granted yes i have two wonderful children, but it doesnt make the expierence any LESS painful.
i was on nuva ring prior to my last pregnancy and i read numerous horror stories of those who have been unable to carry or concieve after, and it scares me to think that i may not be able to have further pregnancies.
if i can only be blessed with my two children, i could learn to be OK with that fact, as i have had the oppertunity and am more then greatful for it. but i have had plans with my aunt who is sterile-no tubes no eggs. that once my family of three was complete, i would surrogate for her. so me having issues with concieving or carrying, not only prevents my growing family, but doesnt allow me to help her either.
i guess im just looking for advice, or similar stories.
im sorry i have rambled, i havent shared my story fully and i needed to get it out.
does anyone else have 42+ day cycles? did you concieve on them without extra help from a specialist?
anyone having irregular cycles or ttc issues after nuva ring?

edited to add:
in feb 2012 i started diet and exercise and went from 221 to 185lbs between feb and june. since june i have stopped the diets and routines but i left out soda and junk foods and have stayed bouncing between 185 and 190. im 5'7.
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