Between 27-30 day cycle :(

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Between 27-30 day cycle :(

Postby shellbell1679 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:20 am

Hi all here's my story, We're ttc baby no 2 at the moment but it seems impossible with an irregular cycle :(. My cycle was fine (every 28 days) up until my nan and mum passed away suddenly last year within 6 weeks of each other, people have said it could be due to stress etc, but surely it would've sorted it's self out by now..?
I've downloaded many Apps on my phone that tell me when i'm ment to be fertile and ovulating etc and they are all based on cycles from 27,28,30. so me & OH do the deed every other night for nearly two weeks straight lol.. i haven't a clue on how long my luteal phase is.. i'm just going on the basic's of 14days.
For the past few months AF has been every 27 days apart from this month (28 days), i got so excited when AF didn't show her face on Tuesday 20th went out bought prg tests and neg.. then yesterday she showed up :( was absolutely gutted. Thanks all for reading x
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