Pituitary tumor, elevated prolactin

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Pituitary tumor, elevated prolactin

Postby Waiting429 » Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:11 pm

My DH and I have been TTC for 20 months. I came off the pill and stopped cycling. AF only came around if I started the pill again. The GYN tried Prometrium, didn't work. I tried Femaprin, didn't work. I tried acupuncture, exercise (yoga), many vitamins, prayer, and finally went to RE in January. RE did a TV U/S - all good. I had an HSG, all good. Labs were bad. Progesterone, estrogen, fsh, and lh low. Testosterone slightly elevated and prolactin high (43). In October my Prolactin was 60 so a Brain MRI was done and there's my pituitary microadenoma. I'm on Bromocriptine every night and 1 month later my prolactin is 13! Ideal ranges are <20.
I don't hear too much about elevated prolactin levels being a problem, but now I know. Maybe now I'll have a cycle? I feel like AF is due any time, but the ewcm is throwing me off. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
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Diagnosis: Elevated prolactin, pituitary tumor, history of irregular cycles.
Treatment: Bromocriptine, acupuncture, various vitamins.
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