my cycles

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my cycles

Postby ummzakariyyah » Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:38 pm

Ok so here goes bare with me if I sound like I'm blubbering.

a few months ago (maybe septemberish) it had been about 6 months since my last period so I went to the doc and she gave me birth control to use to regulate my period. I took them for a little over a week, started bleeding pretty heavy so I stopped taking them. I bled a bit more and then it stopped so I started the pills again. When i started them, i bled after another two weeks. I got frustrated and gave up the bc pills. after I gave up, the bleeding continued and since I wear a diva cup instead of a pad, I know that I bled way more then i normally do. havne't had blood all over me in a long time since maybe middle school and this blood was heavy, gushy and everywhere. it lasted a few days (maybe it was built up from the 6 months and it needed to come out?!?!)

ok so the next period was pretty normal.

next period after theat was less heavy, and streaked with some kind of cervical clear fluid.

This last period was light almost literally like just spotting. I hardly had to wear a pad at all. (didn't bother with the diva cup since it was so light)

now, its been 40+ days since my last period and my chart is in my signature. I just started temping.

so, heres my main issue,

I have two kids, they suspected possible endometriosis but not confirmed. I have also been dx with fibromyalgia.

I do have ovarian cysts (measuring 3.22cmx5cm)that have come and gone by them selves.

I had my last child in Nov of 2006.

after a couple years of normalcy, now my periods are odd, longer apart, and more and more irregular.

What do you think?

Since my temps are so low, someone suggested to me that maybe I have hypothyroidism, so I'm going on Jan 22nd to get blood work done.

I guess I'm just here to vent and find support.

Just got married, husband out of town till march, so i'm trying to get my cycle in order before he come back cause we want to ttc as soon as possible.

Thanks to whoever replies. Sorry about the book :)
Peace and Love,
Umm Zakariyyah
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