35-45 day cycle, TTC!

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35-45 day cycle, TTC!

Postby BECCAF » Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:00 pm

Hey All!

This is my first month TTC with my husband. I have very irregular periods ranging anywhere form 35-45 days. I've been tracking but regardless I feel like I could ovulate at any point. I'm on CD 24 which is *supposedly* an ovulation day. We've been having sex every or every other day just to cover our bases - sorry if that's TMI.

I know this is my first month but this is an incredibly anxiety producing situation. I'm so worried my crazy cycles will impact my fertility. Anyone else feel the same way? Anyone feel this way and then had it be OK - or not? I'd love to hear your experience. It makes me feel so much better knowing other people have gone through this too.

Much love!
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Re: 35-45 day cycle, TTC!

Postby mkfleming9 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:50 am

Welcome BECCAF!

I'm not an avid poster on here, but saw your post and remembered how I felt the 1st month TTC. I, too, have irregular cycles, rannging anywhere from 28-60 days - I feel your pain :( I'm currently on my 10th month TTC and heading in this week and next for testing. One thing I wish I would have done from the beginning is charting/temping. I thought it seemed so unneccesary, but the information it gives you is so helpful. It will let you know that you DID ovulate, so not the greatest for timing purposes, but after a few months you have a better idea of what your body is doing. I realized that I don't ovuluate until CD27-29 - WAY late in my cycle. I think I missed out a couple of months not realizing that I was ovulating so late. Charting will also let you know if you have a luteal phase defect.

Hang in there - plenty of people get pregnant with crazy irregular cycles, it is just a really big pain!

For me - I chart, tried accupuncture, really watched my diet (no caffeine or alcohol) and take a ton of supplements (FertileAid, L'arginine, CoQ10, Vitamin B, Royal Jelly, Maca Root, and DHA). I also wish I could have looked into some of these sooner.

Baby dust to you - I hope you're only on this board for a short time :)
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Re: 35-45 day cycle, TTC!

Postby BunnyMom87 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:20 pm

Another irregular cycle sufferer over here. I also worried (even as a preteen) that I wouldn't be fertile. Amazing how that works. :/

I average 35 days but can go anywhere from 30-40+ with my longest ever being 78days. I have found that my weight (even though I have a healthy bmi) directly impacts my cyle length. The more I weigh, the longer my cycle. (I'm currently 151 and 5' 7".)

When I was TTC Baby#1 I had gone from weighing about 130 to 160ish that then went to about 170 at the highest--and that had a huge impact I think. I also think I went through a hysterical pregnancy on the 78day cycle. I started actively trying to lose weight and when I got down to about 160 my cycles were in the 40-50 day range. That was about the time I went to the clinic on campus and they told me I probably wasn't ovulating and probably had Pcos. Did a hormone panel but they didn't find anything super obvious so I'm not officially diagnosed. I was perscribed progesterone to start my period and then a "trial run" of generic clomid. We were instructed not to ttc on the clomid (incredibly dumb). The next cycle we had a new donor and we inseminated based on an average of the 28 day cycle and my shortest 40 some day cycle. On cd 16 and 18 I think. And Tadah~ baby#1 was conceived. She is now 3 1/2.

After Baby#1 my cycles are still irregular but not as bad. Usually in the mid 30's with an occasional outlier. But we've been ttc for 7 cycles since Feb 2014. My current doc thinks the clomid helped jumps tart my hormones and helped a great deal with getting pregnant the next cycle. I think I had two chemical pregnancies in Oct and Nov. Doc agrees but didn't do blood tests to confirm, and am on clomid this cycle. Just got my Peak on digi opk today so crossing my fingers it helped make a big healthy target for the swimmers.

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Re: 35-45 day cycle, TTC!

Postby KristenV » Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:08 pm

OMG we are so on the same page! It is my second month TTC & my cycles are 35 days...I just realized today that I think I've missed my ovulation mark because of this for the second month in a row & Im beating myself up! I wish I had some advice for you, but I just wanted to say I can relate! It was like hearing my own story when I read your post, so thank you for sharing & lots of luck!!!
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