organic whole milk

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organic whole milk

Postby hopingandwishing » Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:49 pm

hey ladies,

dont know whether its coincidence or whether it really helped, adter 72 days af finally came... checked my calendar and noticed extra white vehicle mucus occurred when I drank organic whole milk.. I started drinking after reading an article, and about seven days later, ewm and ovulated confirmed by blood test by re.. wuts frustrating tho it's my re's first day off vacation today... sigh
me-33 dh-38
ttc- 5/11
cd 3 bloodwork/hsg/sa-cleared
1st iui (4/13)- monitored 50 mg clomid - cd 18 follies under 10mm // cancelled
june 2013 - skipped bc re on vacation
july 2013 - mri found 3 mm cyst in back of pit gland
aug 2013 - moved forward to injectibles (menopur), trigget + iui // cd23 iui 3:00pm - chemical pregnancy
sept 2013- same as aug. protocol... 21x18 and 14x14, triggered and iui 9/28... bfn
oct 2013 - re on vacation/on my own this month.. cd 1 10/15
nov 2013 - cd 1 11/21 same protocol as sept 2013, cd 12 - bfn
(20x16 right ovary) trigger and bd, cd 14 iui - chem preg
12/21 - cd 1 - re on vavation again... grrrrrrrrrr!
jan 2014- ivf consultation // dh - 3 way chromosomes balanced translocation and reduced motility... ivf/pgd and possible icsi
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