new member , lots of questions

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new member , lots of questions

Postby Teegirl » Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:53 am

hi there!! i have seriously irregular cycles, so i have no idea when i ovulate or if i do... can any of you shed some light here? i think its possible i might finally be pregnant... but i dont know....
i had my tubes tide for 7 years,
my cycles have gone like this: AF March 21-28, april 17-22, may 23-25,
i had my tubal reversal on june 3rd (bd on the 8th and almost every day after lol)
AF on june 13-16 , stopped on the 16 but the 17 and 18 i got some really light spotting, bd anyways...
then on the 20-22 i had alot of ewcm... then nothing, then on the 24 it went to a thick lotiony cm, all the way to yesterday when it became a kinda watery white, but still lotiony....
ive had weird symptoms, but nt sure if they are normal after a reversal or if i could possibly be pregnant.... so hoping! but when would you ovulate with cycles that may or may not show up?
before march it had been 6 months since my last af.....
any help? lol

heres my symptoms:
seriously stuffy nose, more saliva in my mouth and metal taste (to the point i had to take my tongue ring out that i haven't taken out in 14 years) a dull ache really low in the front, more on the right then it radiated to my hips and back and down my leg, cant sleep, total loss of appetite, like cant even eat chocolate that i normally have once a day... im very very dizzy, to the point i was afraid to take my other kidlets to the park without hubby... just incase...
really nauseous yesterday after smelling bacon lol but even with all that i feel great, im tired right out at 5 till about 9, but i dont feel sick or anything even with the symptoms....
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