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First month using Femaprin(vitex)

Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:18 pm

So I am on my 7th month off birth control and my cycles have been getting longer but are a stand still @ 50 days cycle now. I was 24 days, 32, 33, 37, 49, 50, and now waiting for my next period to start. I started taking Femaprin this month at the start of my new cycle so its been about a month taking it now. I am also taking maca root and prenatal vitamins. I have to say... I think the femaprin might be working... I usually have mid-cycle spotting every month and this month NOTHING. I was very skeptical when I began using it but I really think at least one of these herbs helped me with my midcycle spotting.

I got on birth control again because my periods were sooo irregular after my miscarriage(@10weeks lost my baby I SWEAR I got pregnant on Provera to induce my period I must have ovulated right after and got pregnant) last April and I was hoping they would help me get my periods more regular, but nope. NOW I have 16 days left til I hit my 50 day mark again. I was hoping I would start my period earlier taking vitex but nothing yet.I have also started temping this cycle which I REALLY recommend for people TTC its just hard for me to temp at the SAME time every single morning, I don't wake up at the same time every morning!!

Its only been a month taking it but I think its working with at least not making me spot! Has anyone else had this happen to them? :p

Re: First month using Femaprin(vitex)

Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:56 pm

I am now 11 days til I start my period and just experienced some brown light spotting with light cramps today with a little temp spike, 97.31 yesterday and today 97.97? I duno, if it is my period that means it came early and the vitex is working! but it could just be spotting or something else. I DID have what I thought to be implantation spotting in my previous pregnancy 2 weeks before I was due for my period and the following week as well. So, for anyone curious about if this is working I'll update what happens :p

Also, to add. This is weird for me because before I start my period I ALWAYS get sore breasts and headaches like 2 days before I start, and right now I have NO breast tenderness/headaches whatsoever. The only things that have been going on with my body lately are, this week I have had HORRIBLE allergies and an acne breakout all on my chest, neck, face, back (so I don't think this spotting I am having is my period coming early). :P

Re: First month using Femaprin(vitex)

Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:32 am

Well I am still bleeding but it is very very light. I am using pads but they are very scanty amounts of blood and it is like brown/pink blood not at all bright red bleeding like usual. Yesterday at work I got really bad cramps for a couple of hours and I felt nauseous and I was expecting to go to the bathroom and see a heavy flow, but nothing still light spotting. Today I am not having any cramps just small twinges and only light pink blood when I wipe.

Sooo Im gonna say this is probably my period and I think that I am VERY happy with my results using Femaprin! :) It made me start my period 12 days early :omg: !!!!! This is AWESOME for having my past 2 cycles be 50 days. AND I know it is helping my pre-menstrual/mid-cycle symptoms(Sore breasts, sore nipples, random cramps, headaches) I had NONE of those this cycle. Although I don't think I am ovulating but maybe if I can get my cycles shorter each month it will increase my chances of ovulating. AND even though I am not pregnant I think if you are having irregular periods you should try this!!!! I was really skeptical of taking herbs to regulate my cycle, I didn't think it would work..but I took my pills every morning and got the results I was wanting, better than I expected really because I didn't think they would work THIS fast for me. This is what I took this month.

Maca root powder- 2 a day (even though it says 2 in the morning and 1 at night I decided to start out taking 2 and increase my dosage overtime)

Femaprin - 1 a day

Prenatal Vitamin - 1 a day

Raspberry Leaf Tea - 2 cups a day ( but I ran out so I haven't bought more lol)

I am thinking about doing an update for next month too if anyone is interested lol. I will continue taking the same stuff but do 3 maca a day now. I will also be doing my BBT this month at the same time every morning so hopefully my graph will not look as crazy.

Re: First month using Femaprin(vitex) UPDATE

Fri May 16, 2014 4:33 am

Hello Ladies :)

Well I have an interesting update... I am 6 days away to my next period I should start next Thursday(39 day mark)... and I have been having some pretty strange things happen to me lately.... Last week I had obvious ovulation pain on one side of my ovary followed by a huge acne breakout and a lot of ewcm but Ima say Im prolly 12 dpo.... WELL... this is the 5th day I have had sore nipples(VERY STRANGE this never happens.. and they are getting worse) and 3 days ago I started having very light light cramping.. the day before yesterday started having some right ovary cramps and then that night had some very strange low pelvic cramps (almost like a pulsating feeling would come and go every 15-20 min not painful but if you've experienced them they are nothing like period cramps) and yesterday unmistakable cramping/pulsating in low pelvic area allll day on and off but completley unlike period cramps (perhaps this is implantation?????). WELL.... I am 98.99% I am pregnant because all of those symptoms as well as THESE symptoms are the SAME symptoms I had with my LAST pregnancy! The only thing that is different is that I had globs of ewcm with blood streaked during my TWW and I haven't had that yet. Other symptoms include my left arm, underneath it near the armpit is really sore like I worked it out ( I had the same thing with preg #1 and I was like wtf why is that sore under there.. you have lymph nodes under your arm that can get sore during preg), acne is still prominant, and I haven't been able to sleep at all lately. Still taking Femaprin 1ce a day and 2 maca root capsules 1ce a day. I will test next week(if I can hold out that long) and follow with an update ^_^ Im pretty sure just from knowing my body I am pregnant and if I am, I KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOWWWWWWW that maca root and the femaprin helped me concieve and everyone should at least TRY it if having problems ovulating or with irregular cycles.

Also, if I got preg this cycle that would mean that these herbs took only 2 months to take effect for me O_O thats awesome!!!!!

Re: First month using Femaprin(vitex)

Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:26 pm

I have recently started using Femaprin as recommended by my doctor. I am not facing any issues with this tablet and it didn't affect to my menstruation expect for heavy bleeding. I am not having any cramps or other pain due to heavy bleeding. But my doctor recommended me to make use of menstrual cup rather than sanitary napkins to avoid vaginal infections.
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