Irregular cycles with no medical cause

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Irregular cycles with no medical cause

Postby OceanLily » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:47 am

Hey everyone, new to the board. I am 31 and have had irregular cycles since I first started AF at 13. I was put on BC at the age of 15 due to horrific cramping and got off the Pill last June as we planned to start TTC this June. My first cycle was textbook 21 days with a clear thermal shift at CD 21 and 14 day LP and then it went downhill from there, to 29, 38, 37, 43, 82 and 44 (on day 2 of my current cycle)

I had a full sonogram and ultrasound to make sure I had no cysts or issues with my uterus or tubes, have had bloodwork from everything for PCOS to thyroid imbalance to vitamin D deficiency. Everything came back perfect. I am at the exact weight and BMI for my height, I eat well and I exercise moderately. So I and my doctors are at a total loss.

We are going to give the "lots of BD" method a go for six months if my cycles do not improve and if that does not pan out it is back to the doctor. I really want to TTC naturally first, though my doctor Is willing to treat me for infertility now due to my age.
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Re: Irregular cycles with no medical cause

Postby Happyfroggy » Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:14 pm

Wow I am also 31 and here they won't treat you for infertility until after a year unless you are OVER 35. I didn't realize some places considered 31 old :shock: how depressing lol

I'm in the same boat, not quite as irregular but 27 - 38 days long cycles. Don't know why either. I'm past the year mark though so taking the steps to get to see the RE. Sadly, It seems it will be months before I can get an appointment. :? So that kind of sucks.

I did have a miscarriage though, so I know I can *get* pregnant. In fact, that is one thing that has always really confused me. Is it still considered a year? hmm maybe I should make a post to that affect
BFP on Friday Feb 3rd 2017 but ended in miscarriage at 7 1/2 weeks :(

Didn't chart this time, last time was TTC for over a year, BFP chart from daughter :D :
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Re: Irregular cycles with no medical cause

Postby Micben » Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:41 pm

When talking to fertility specialist I tend to lie about how long we have been trying (we have been for 2 years but not aggresivly, just if it happens it happens) but I wanted to know about my irregular cycles and at that point it hadn't been a year yet of trying and I said a year and a half...they have no way of telling how long you have been other than your word ;)
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Re: Irregular cycles with no medical cause

Postby Lizzyh89 » Thu May 18, 2017 12:48 am

Your the same as me - I can go 2 months between periods easily!

I had miscarriage a couple of years ago so I no it's possible but may take some time.

I have mentioned this to all my doctors Iv had - always been irregular since they started - and not one seems to be doing anything. I'm having blood tests soon because I basically whinged on enough!
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Re: Irregular cycles with no medical cause

Postby DiedreK » Sat Jun 17, 2017 4:41 am

Hi, I may be a bit Young for for this group but I have the exact same issue! I am 27 and have the most irregular periods! Im talking twice a year if I'm LUCKY! I have never been on any type of BC before either. Have regular doctor visits. Been told there are no cysts on my ovaries which rules out PCOS. That my ovaries are "remarkable" and great sizes. Also that my uterus is perfect, ruling out endometriosis! My mother has endo and had 3 children naturally. My Sister who has never been told of any issues as well but also has very rare periods has 3 children by the age of 28! She never had her periods and could hardly ever tell when she was pregnant. It took four months her first child before she noticed! I've always had bloodwork done and my doctor has never pointed out any hormonal issues or anything. I'm at a loss as well.. been married for two years and nothing has come with TTC :(
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