Advice please ladies

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Advice please ladies

Postby Full_heart » Fri May 16, 2014 2:13 am

Hiya ladies
Massive confusion going on this side....

Been ttc for a couple months now so still new to all this charting stuff. I have irregular cycles, sometimes 28days sometimes 32.... Quite a bugger!

CD 1 for me was 26/04 (a Saturday) and my last day menses was the 1/5. Unfortunately the first time part taking in the baby dance was on the 8/5- or CD 13. On CD14 I started with light spotting in the afternoon - which was a light pink colour.
cd 15;16 and 17 the spotting continued but was a little heavier and it was brown mixed with cm. Midday CD17 it stopped.
CD 19 we got to it again. Today - CD 20 I had a little bit of blood on the tp again this morning but nothing else.

I managed to get my grubs on opk's (4) which I started taking from CD16. (Continuing cd17;18 and 19) The test window was very light each time and so it was negative.

I hav an appointment with gynae on Monday which will be my CD24.

Any ideas ladies - I'm so confused!

I have read about ovulation bleeding, but I have never experienced it before?
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Re: Advice please ladies

Postby em615 » Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:59 pm

I have heard about ov bleeding. Wondering myself if that is what I experienced with what I thought was my last period. My sis (i like to call her my PRO-lol) said from what she has read it is possible but rare to have ov bleeding. I wish I was more help.
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