Shutdown method with progesterone cream

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Shutdown method with progesterone cream

Postby mamawanabe0612 » Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:48 pm

Hi Ladies! A lil background on me...I'm 27, married a little over 3 years, went off bcp in early 12/14 to start TTC. I had 3 normal periods after going off the bcp then a loooong 60 day cycle and my dr. put me on provera for 10 days to get my period started, it came 3 days after my last provera pill. So now I'm on that cycle and had spotting/bleeding around CD 15...doubting it was ovulation spotting based on temps. So anyways, here I am looking for the next step - I'm pretty sure the bcp made me estrogen dominent. I've read up on something called the shutdown method where you apply progesterone cream from CD 5 to CD 26 to stop ovulation for 3 cycles then you should get a really strong ovulation on the 4th cycle. I already have the cream and am waiting to start it during my next cycle. Does anyone have experience with this? Anyone want to join me on this journey?! Any support would be appreciated, need a TTC buddy!
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