Someone Please Help. Would like some advice

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Someone Please Help. Would like some advice

Postby Jkmanue » Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:05 pm

I am new to this board, so please bear with me. Here goes...
I am currently 24 DPO and on CD 38. AF was supposed to show 10 days ago and still hasn't. I have extremely regular 27 day cycles and 4 day periods. 8&9 DPO I experiences light bleeding. Not enough to use more than one pad per day. I have taken multiple HPTs over the past weeks, and had a negative blood test on 22 DPO. I do have fibroids, but I don't think they impact any pregnancy test. I am having symptoms of pregnancy - heavy feeling breasts, light cramping, nausea, and I feel extremely bloated, and still many negative tests. Yesterday, (9 days after AF was expected) I took a FRER and dollar store test. Both with the faintest of lines. I became a little excited and tried to remain cautious, but as we women know, that didn't happen. So, when the doctor called today to tell me blood tests were negative, my heart broke a little. I am scheduled for an U/S Monday to see what is happening, just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar.
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