Help! Agnus Castus or EPO? Or both?!

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Help! Agnus Castus or EPO? Or both?!

Postby Loobynooby » Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:06 pm

Hi ladies,

I have been to the health food shop today and bought myself some Agnus Castus and EPO because I've read that they may help fertility. I continually spot for a few weeks after AF and also have one blocked fallopian tube (the other one appears OK on scans but it's not 100% clear, so FX that side's OK!). Anyway, I wondered if any of you lovely ladies has experience of taking one or both of these and whether they have caused you any problems eg spotting (I don't need any more of that!) or whether you have had a BFP after taking them. Has anyone noticed an increase in ewcm using either or both, and are they safe to take together or is it one or the other? :dunno:

Thanks for reading, any answers would be appreciated! I have been ttc for only 2 months so just wondering if it's a good idea to take anything at all. I take pregnare conception too.
Thanks for reading, any answers would be appreciated!
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Postby SimoneTTC » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:23 am

Hi there - sorry for the late reply.

Last month, I took Vitex AC for two weeks up to O and then stopped. When It was time for my period to come it was four days late and really really light - barely anything goes into the pad. I am not complaining because I have had quite heavy periods up to now with a lot of PMS symptoms and it alleviated all of the symptoms.

I have now started an EPO regime to increase CM, but I only started it two days ago so too early to tell. Plan is to take EPO CD1 to O and then Flax Seed Oil after O to either AF or (hopefully) PG.

I don't see why you couldn't take EPO and Vitex together...

Sorry I could not be more help.

Is there anyway they will ever unblock the tube or is it not possible?

FX and Baby Dust to you

Postby mrsh03 » Tue May 01, 2012 9:20 am

I took Vitex and EPO together for nearly 10 cycles, had 2 chemicals and finally a sticky BFP due in Oct. I didn't need help w/ cm, but wanted better quality cm so I took the EPO up until O then stopped. Vitex I took throughout my cycle and when AF came I would take a couple days off. I thought by my charts that maybe my hormones needed a little natural help for balance and I noticed my temps weren't as jumpy, so I think it helped. It didn't seem to change my cycles. LP was usually 14 days. I read the book Making Babies and it recommended both EPO and Vitex for me. Good luck!!
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Postby Loobynooby » Mon May 07, 2012 8:06 am

Thanks for your replies ladies! :)

I decided to just try EPO this month and I'm due to O next week so will be looking out for lots of EWCM!

Simone - Thanks for sharing and glad the supplements are helping your cycles. I don't think they can unblock the tube sadly as once it has become so blocked and stretched it's then damaged for good. It may be that they have to remove it if it causes problems - it's very uncomfortable at times. It's called a hydrosalpinx and it could well mean that the other tube is affected too :( . We're TTC naturally at the mo and hoping and praying that the other is side clear enough for that eggy to slide down!! I'm due another internal scan 1 week from today to see if there's any update (ie better or worse).

Mrs H - thanks for sharing your story and huge congrats on your bundle of joy due in Oct!!
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