Get him to eat Oysters

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Get him to eat Oysters

Postby RSLove76 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:50 pm

I know alot of people think oysters are gross but IMO they are what helped my husband and I have our daughter.

We wernt even TTC when we had her.

My husband and I both have firtility issues. I have a problem carrying but not nessisarily conceving. He has an issue in the conception department. (poor boys if you will) ....I had my first child during my first marriage after years of TTC.... when my now husband and I met we really did not belive there was a possibility of getting pregnant because of our combined issues. SUPRISE! BFP and a daughter later.....

The other day we where talking with a friend and i'm not sure exactly how it came up but our friend asked why it was oysters where considered an aphrodisiac.. being the avid reader I am I had the answer right off...

Oysters are the most dense food source for zinc.... if you look up Zinc and fertility there is mounds of research on the subject... My husband then pipes up, "YEA, come to think of it didn't we eat Oysters the same night Edana (our Daughter) was concived?"

Light blub flash, click click click.... OYSTERS

Anyway, just thought I'd share... Good luck! ::::babydust:::::::
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