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Hypothyroid and TTC

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:54 pm
by angelface1417
Anyone out there who have Hypothyroidism and ttc? I've been wanting a baby for a while now, was hoping it would happen naturally (which hasn't happened).. Can anyone give me tips that could help me get on track to a BFP :D ... I'm currently on prenatal vitamins and started vitex this month (on last day of AF which was 10/9/12), planning to use the sperm meet the egg plan.

Thanks in advance to any advise..

Cycle: 31 days pretty regular
Me: 28
DH: 29
TTC: #1

Re: Hypothyroid and TTC

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:55 pm
by 4EverHopefull
Hi Angel,
I can sympathize with you. I've been diagnosed with Hashimotos, so I’m not in the same boat, but close. I’m certainly no professional, but I have studied a lot of this, and tried almost as much, so this may be long 
First a disclaimer: If your TSH is off, there's really nothing that can help except real prescription drugs, unfortunately, so you’ll definitely want to talk to your dr. I’ve tried Synthroid, and thought it was okay.
Prenatal vitamins are always necessary, and depending on other medication you're on, you may need extra folic acid. Some meds block the absorption of folic acid. Since it's one of the water soluble vitamins (not fat soluble), you’re not at risk of getting too much- you’ll just pee out the extra, so load up! If you take it alone, meaning not near other meds or prenatals, you’ll have the best chance of absorption.
Vitex is great for helping balance hormones. I started getting a little acne when we started TTC, and this really seems to help it a lot, so it’s worth a try!
Other things you can consider: stay away from soy products. These can up your estrogen and cause your body to think it doesn’t need to produce as much. Don’t eat Grapefruit 3 hours before or after taking thyroid meds, it may or may not interfere. Gluten intolerance tends to be common in people with hypothyroid issues. It’s tough to learn to cut it out, but once you do it’s really not bad at all.
For myself, I eat gluten free, put vitex in my water for the gym in the morning, make smoothies with maca root, boku superfood (has chlorella, spirulina, probiotics and some other good stuff), royal jelly, and flax oil in with the fruit, take a prenatal every night, and an extra folic acid mid day. That being said, I haven’t had a BFP yet, so who knows.
Good luck and extra baby dust to you!

Re: Hypothyroid and TTC

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:00 am
by MrsPih1024
Hi Angelface,
I too have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

I knew I was hypothyroid (since 2007), however, I wasn't medicated. My primary doc was weird about it saying I was "sub-clinical" even though my TSH was 4.77. I knew from all my crazy researching that I had to be medicated and was probably the reason I wasn't pregnant yet.
I saw an RE for the first time on Sept 20th. He is the one that diagnosed with the Hashi's. He told me that my TSH level HAD to be below a 2.5 to increase my chances of pregnancy and STAY pregnant.
Now, I'm on Synthroid. I also went gluten free and then dairy free. Since the Hashi's is autoimmune I read that both can exacerbate your ramp up your immune system. It's been a full month now and while I have to go back on Nov 4th to check my TSH level, I know that in just 2 weeks after starting the meds and cutting out gluten (before I went casein (dairy) free) my level went from 5.33 to 3.77!

I also feel SO much better! No more crazy brain fog!

Anyways, you should definitely get on some medication if you aren't. Usually, I'm totally into going the natural route, but I learned that Synthroid (brand- no generics) is easier for monitoring your levels and dosing. And now that I'm on it and feeling better, I really think I'll stay on it!
I 2nd what Hopefull is saying too--- gluten free! It's really not too bad. There are so many gluten free alternatives out there. I really think that it has helped my levels.

Vitex: I did the vitex too. I did it for 4 cycles. I stopped b/c I had mid-cycle bleeding. It's normal to happen when you start taking it, but it kept happening. And then my LH surge was lasting 4 days. So, not for me. I did prefer the tincture over the pills though.

I really think getting your TSH levels checked and working on that though should be your priority.

Re: Hypothyroid and TTC

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:42 am
by angelface1417
Thanks for eveyones reply to my post..

Mrs.Pih1024 - I was actually trying to treat my hypothyroidism naturally but found that was very hard so I went back to synthorid 0.75mg. The natural way seems to have my body completely imbalanced which why I'm now taking prenatal vitamins, baby aspirin, L-Tyrosine, selenium, magneisium in hopes on getting things back on track.. I'm also wroking on changing to a gluten free diets, using fluroide free water, and alumium free deodorant.. Once I get that done I plan to cut out dairy, which will be hard since I love milk and cheese but Im certain I can find alternatives. I also stopped Vitex because it cause spotting after my period ended (which scared me cause I thought it was affecting my LP)..

-Thanks for all the helpful information I will certainly use it!! Please let me know your progress and hope you get your BFP soon :)

Baby dust and Sticky Beans to eveyone !!