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Ttc cycle 9, first month on Vitrex and Mecca

PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:54 am
by Britjones426
My chart is a bit confusing to me this month. I'm on month 9 of ttc our first baby. I have been bbt charting sporadically here and there but this is my 2nd contentious month of it. Normally FF is able to already confirm my ovulation date by now. I'm just not seeing the 3 elevated temps yet, but I am indeed feeling like I've ovulated. CM has turned creamy-like but I've noticed my cervix still feels soft and open.

Also, I should mention this is my first month taking Mecca root and Vitrex. I have noticed that I have a shorter luteal phase sometimes only lasting 9 days so I figured I'd try Vitrex and Meca to lengthen it and help me get my BFP.

Comments on when or if I've ovulated? Normally in the past I've ovulated between day 12-15.