FF says my cycles are irregular but AF and O on same moons

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FF says my cycles are irregular but AF and O on same moons

Postby ablase » Fri May 22, 2015 8:38 pm

Hi guys it's so great to have a place to talk about natural TTC! Hopefully some of you are open to TTC and moon phases and even astrology and stuff? If so, read on!

This post is an update to my original post so I could add more cycles.

I threw out my first March cycle and now FF is no longer listing my cycle as 'irregular'. But here's the thing. While my cycle is not irregular as a whole (it lasts 27 days and this last time 27.5 days)... My luteal phase is irregular, ranging from 14 to 17 days.


My best guess for the range in my LP? My body seems to be stuck on having AF every time on the Taurus moon between 12 degrees and 22 degrees!!!! It's the only thing that explains (to this astrologer) why my lp is expanding.

Here's my stats:
March: AF: Moon in Aquarius (following a loss) | O: Moon in Virgo | lp 14 days | FP: 20 days
April- AF: Moon in Taurus 22 degrees | O: Moon in Libra | LP: 15 days (Chemical) | FP: 12 days
May- AF: Moon in Taurus 16 degrees | O: Moon in Virgo | LP: 16 days | FP: 11 days
June- AF: Moon in Taurus 12 degrees | O: Moon in Virgo | LP: 17 days | FP: 11 days
July- AF: Moon in Taurus 15 degrees | O: Moon in Virgo | LP: 16 days | FP: 10 days
August- AF: Moon in Taurus 0 degrees | O: Not yet | LP: Not yet | FP: Not yet

Things are finally shifting! Check out my numbers from August, AF came at 0 degrees Taurus. This is a huge difference from the last 4 months when it was between 12 and 22 degrees Taurus with an average of around 15 degrees. The only thing differently I did was start taking herbs from the acupuncturist. Ecstatic.

The down side of all this? With my 11 day follicular phase (like clockwork), it means I am usually ovulating during an infertile moon for me: Virgo moon. I've started calling virgo moon my 'celestial birth control'!

So what's my point? If your cycle is a mystery to you try checking the moon you ovulate on and af on. You probably don't know the exact moment when you O but you will know for AF.

Do you see patterns? Does your cycle look irregular but you always O on a water moon? Or do you AF on a mutable moon like Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini? You can find so many clues that can tell you what exactly your cycle is doing and the moon can tell you why your cycle is like it is. :)

P.S. If you're curious I use Sidereal Astrology. My cycles would look even more irregular astrologically if I used the 'western' Tropical system.

P.S.S. I'm so fired up about this I wrote a blog post with even more details! http://amberblase.com/astrology/trying- ... h-control/
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