how do u decide the WHEN?

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When do u think would be better?

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how do u decide the WHEN?

Postby liza8g » Thu May 28, 2009 7:45 pm

HAPPY FRIDAY ladies!!!

OH MY--- am I FOREVER GRATEFUL 4 this website and all of u who share your experiences & input?! I am looking 4 ur opinion on a decision I will b making regarding my IVF#1 timing...

I am planning 2 do IVF#1 w/in the nxt 2 months....all the blood work/tests are done but I am a teacher so I figured doing a summer cycle is ideal for me...originally i was planning to try IVF #1 when I got AF in July....It's looking like AF will b here around the end of July.

I would have considered doing it when I got AF at the end of June but I am leaving for Mexico June 26-July5. Figured I wouldn't be able to start taking meds or being monitored if I was away for that week. After taking the IVF class I am realizing that my protocol will require 4-4.5 weeks for the process then another 2 weeks until I find out bfn or bfp??? That's like a total of almost 6-6.5 weeks for the whole thing and thats practically cutting into the beginning of next school year (in NYC school will start after Labor Day).

I am debating whether to give it a go when I get AF in June. This would mean that I start my meds right before leaving for MX and will continue taking them while away for Day 2-Day 9 --- during which I believe I would b starting the aygestin & lupron. Were you monitored during the first 2 weeks while on aygestin & lupron b4 stims?

If I did it this way I would get my bfn or bfp in early August and have time to plan the next steps before school begins. I am also worried that if I decide to go in July - what if it gets cancelled and I don't get to do it at all during the summer? At least if I started at the end of June there might be time to RETRY before september....

SOOO many variables...but MOSTLY I would like to know if you have an opinion about whether or not it would be OK taking the meds for the first 2 weeks of ur IVF #1 cycle while on vacation (in mexico) -- yay or nay?

My dr. had suggested going on BCP when I get AF in June so that I can begin IVF as soon as I return from MX -- not sure how thats possible but this seems like a good option except I've never been on BCP and I'm a little nervous about it messing with my cycle....

Your input is priceless and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this long FREAKIN post and giving me ur opinion - YOUR THE BEST!!!
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Postby nadya » Fri May 29, 2009 5:47 am

Liza, I was not monitored during the lupron phase. It was only after the 2 wks were completed, I had to go in for a suppression check. The only issue is that you will get an AF (from hell) in my case so I don't know if you want to go through that when you are in Mexico. As far as BCPs, I don't think that will really mess up your cycle. I also took them even though my clinic did not require because there was a work project and I knew I wouldn't be able to start on day2 and I didn't want to wait a whole month to start.

However I would say that I am realizing that the first trimester is much much tougher than the IVF itself. Ofcourse with the IVF you have to take a lot of mornings off for monitoring so that is a consideration. But all in I would suggest you start the process as early as possible so that you can be almost in your 2nd tri by the time the new school year starts.

Sorry I didn't have a real answer for you on when you should start but I hope the above rambling will help you with your decision.

Good luck!
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Postby mereyurk » Fri May 29, 2009 6:09 am

I was never monitored while on lupron. Just before I started you will be checked but then you just take it everyday until AF comes. I would do bring it with you and do while on your trip. It would be different if you were doing the sitms then cause you need to be monitored. But if you just doing lupron then I would start soon and go. Unless they prefer you to be on bcp's then that is a good idea as well. It doesn't really matter about your cycle getting to messed up because the meds will be taking over that for you. So your own cycle is no longer. I didnt get a bad AF from lupron. Just a normal one for me anyway. Let us know what you decide but I would lupron while I'm on vacation since you wanted to squeeze it in. It's just hard cause IVF is a two month process. So it uses a lot of time up. Just try to have a good time cause sometimes the meds shutting down all your hormones makes you moody.
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Postby worleygrl » Fri May 29, 2009 10:40 am

I wasn't really monitored on lupron either. Also, for some people the lupron meant AF didn't come on schedule. So if their RE wanted to wait for AF it often took extra weeks of waiting before the stims could begin! Mine didn't wait for AF, he just started my stims at the time that would have been day 3 if she'd arrived.

One thing to bear in mind is that you don't want to be sick or run down when you start. So if you're a party animal & plan to drink a lot and stay up all night while you're away you might put off the cycle. And be very careful about water. A friend of mine got sick as a dog from rinsing a piece of fruit she ate in tap water!

Good luck! And enjoy your trip!!!
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Postby Bubblewave » Fri May 29, 2009 1:14 pm

Im also a teacher and was concerned about the timing. My IVF process took 4 weeks exactly from getting AF to getting my BFP. I started in September so the timing wasnt great. I start full-time in October so I was able to get some time off when I needed it in Sept.

Personally, I wouldnt want to be away when injecting. I´d go on holiday, relax and enjoy myself then come back ready for the IVF. It is an emotional rollercoaster and I was constantly monitored. I wasnt on Lupron though. I´d do what your Dr said - have I just contradicted myself with my vote? I think I have - sorry! :? Agh! Anyway, I think wait till you get back from Mexico before starting and go on the Pill in the meantime!!! :wink:

GL with your decision & KUP!
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Postby liza8g » Sat May 30, 2009 2:43 pm

I am so grateful for each of ur responses --- :bd:

Your responses have helped me to develop a list of new questions for my RE - he's gonna have his hands full at our next appt :D

But this is a GOOD thing - I didn't even have another appt scheduled until I talked to u ladies...I just planned on calling to order my meds 6/15 and going in for u/s when AF comes at the end of June (of course RIGHT b4 I leave for MX)

So I have made an appt for June 19th to meet with RE again to make a final decision - I will already have meds on the way at that point (wanted to have them b4 I leave for MX so I could begin asap when I get back)... So I will make my decision at that point & I will have everything I need to go with either option.

Again I thank u soooooo much for ur input & sharing ur experiences ....they r invaluable ... Please feel free to keep them coming!!! As I said I will be mulling this all over until the 19th of June ... I wish u the BEST of luck with ur journey & I will keep u posted!!!

Once again --- BIG HUGS!!!!! :bd:
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