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next step

Postby candjbaby » Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:32 pm

well call the Dr today to find out what to do. and he is sending me to Memphis (any body been to that clinic) infertility clinic . i have been cry off on on since i had that test to see my tubes are blocked . i still have 2 options but and still so confused and the nurse that made my appointment said i am one rarer case because of my colon surgery . so now waiting on June 21
living with a ostomy since 2005
HSG- 4-15-11 showed both tubes blocked
waiting on June 21 for RE appointment is there a ticker for that?

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Postby catwomanbaby » Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:05 pm

I know it is hard to hear that you may need IVF and it is a hard adjustment. At the same time, given your age and the issue that has prevented you from getting pregnant, it is also nice to know that you can still get pregnant even with the blocked tubes and that they doctors have a solution for waht has prevented you int he past from getting pregnant. Everyone on this board are wonderful and super supportive and you will find some great women to go through the process with so it is less scary and overwhelming. Good luck.
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Postby twinklebug » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:58 am

I agree with catwoman. I know it is hard, but Try to look at it is a positive, i.e. "Now I know whats wrong, and we are going to work through it and get our :bfp: ". Do as much research as you can on the RE you're attending before your appointment, as well as questions you want to ask, etc... Once you have your initial consult, things can move pretty quickly (if you are ready and want them to), so if you're as prepared as possible it will be a good thing. Good luck! IVF gave me my two little miracles and now that they are here, I look at them and thank God for the doctors and nurses who helped me every step of the way.
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