1st IVF Cycle August/September, anyone else?

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Re: 1st IVF Cycle August/September, anyone else?

Postby plattis » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:43 pm

Sgordon, great is not quite the word I'd use. Lol. Ive been sick as a dog since week 5. My midwife says pregnancy doesn't agree with some people and I'm one of them lol. I think the Lord gave us such a hard battle ttc so that I would appreciate this time of misery! Haha are you going to wait until your blood draw to test? Did you have a day 3 or 5 transfer?
Me:27 DH:31 (normal SA)
HSG&SIS - tubes/uterus great.
TTC #1 since Sept 2012

2012: TTC without strategy
2013: diagnosed with PCOS, clomid 4x (bfn), HSG&LAP
2014: femara 3x (bfn), Ectopic pregnancy, clomid #5, IUI 4x & IVF

9/1/14: IVF#1! 11 days of stims, 8 mature/ 8 fertilized/ 7 frosties and one beautiful 4AA transferred :)
10dp5dt beta #1: 266!
12dp5dt beta #2: 704!
19dp5dt beta #3: 13,600!!
26dp5dt (6w3d): First U/S! one beautiful little Bee with :hb: 108!
7w5d: little Bee :hb: 158!
graduated from RE to Ob!!
10w2d: Bee :hb: 169! measuring ahead at 10w5d

Mom to one beautiful little baby bee born 5/22/15 <3

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Re: 1st IVF Cycle August/September, anyone else?

Postby Sgordon33 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:37 pm

Awwww I'm sorry!! I had a gf have to have a nausea pump w her second. I think I will prob be in same boat.. Super sensitive stomach!!

We did 5 day frozen transfer. I will not POAS.. Until my beta is positive.. Then I will just to see the damn line!!

Feel better Hun!!
Me: 34 high fsh
DH: 31 low end quality
TTC 3 years together
Jan-Feb 2014 clomid and natural trying
April-June 2014 3 IUIs with BFN
Early Aug 2014 started BC 2 weeks for IVF# 1 with PGD/PGS
One week 300 folllistim and 2 viles menopur
One week same with Ganirelix added
Sept 4 Lupron trigger and D/C meds
sept 5 ER 12 eggs, 9 mature, 8 fertilized
As of Sept 8 (7) fertilized embryos (6) A quality (1) B quality
Sept 11 final count (5) embryos frozen and cell sent for PGD and PGS
Sept 19 results from PGD and PGS (2) beautiful healthy embryos
Oct 9 the fun begins for preparation for transfer scheduled tentatively Nov 4 :)
Nov 4: one AB blast transfered, blood test Thurs Nov 14 resulted in BFN :(
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