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Re: 3 or more failed ivf stim cycles

Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:05 pm

Hi Roar - I kept checking back just in case anyone replied and I was so happy to see a message! Glad to hear things are going well with wee Georgia. That is great that you are still breast feeding. How long is she sleeping through the night now?

So as I said, things were going really well for me and I was still at work and just starting to enjoy my pregnancy and not feel so anxious about it. Then at 29 weeks my membranes ruptured just on twin 1. I was hospitalised for bed rest and given antibiotics and steroids and they were hoping I would make it to 34 weeks. Well I only lasted four days when I got a pretty major infection and was very unwell and had to have an emergency c section. The girls went straight into incubators as they were so small and needed help breathing, so I didn't get to see them. I first held them two days later, which was so hard. They did amazingly well in NICU though and apart from feeding problems, they had no set backs. Unfortunately I wasn't able to successfully breast feed them as they couldn't latch properly. I expressed for 3 months for them, then had to stop as my body just couldn't produce enough milk despite taking everything possible. They are doing great now, but it is very hard work with two. They sleep for about a five hour stretch at night before waking. Developmentally they are at their corrected age of 12 weeks due to their prematurity, despite actually being five months old. They will catch up by age two. They are followed up by a paediatrician and team to monitor their development. Have to cut this short as the little lions are roaring...

I am so happy and grateful to have them but it happened in a pretty traumatic way and it felt like I lost the pregnancy, so its all a bit raw still. Their names are Phoebe and Sylvie.

Re: 3 or more failed ivf stim cycles

Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:59 am

I understand the pain of not holding them,, I waited 5 days and it was horrific. I really appreciate how hard the breastfeeding would have been, I only had to pump for the first week and then she was an amazing feeder, you have done so well to produce what you did for that long. Having twins too,, i don't think I would have even considered b/f if I had have had twins. So well done to you!! I don't know about you but prior to this I had heard of NICU and people who have been there etc and did think how difficult it would be to be in such a situation. But then,,, when you are in it and look back on it,, it's the most difficult heartbreaking place to be. Never will I ever underestimate the enormity of such a place and an event. To come out of there mental sane is a trumph in itself. So well done again!!!
Love their names, very gentle and go well together. Check out an app called Wonder Weeks. I used if for my boy in 2010 and again now,, it works on your due date (not delivery date) and accounts for different mental development stages. It's amazing. As when she's having a 'moment' I check the app and there she is in a cloud or thunderstorm,,
As for her sleeping ahahhaa well,, her day sleeps are good. And I just work with time up as opposed to set sleep times as that doesn't suit her. She's just transitions from 2 to 3 day sleeps so that's awesome!!
Her nights vary from 7pm-7am with one feed @2amish to,,,, 7pm to 7am waking 4 hrly for feeds. She's still in my room so I do tend to comfort and feed her quicker than if she wasn't. I can't let her out of there as yet as I'm still too traumatised from nearly losing her. Am thinking I may need to have some counselling about it all eventually,, when there is time. In her first few mths she was doing lovely 6-7hr night stints but we regressed which is normal. I know this isn't forever,, but it's still difficult. I can't even imagine what twins would be like.
And now my Wonder Woman is screaming @ me from bed,,, God love them!

Do understand your thoughts on the pregnancy esp after EVERYTHING you did to get there,, it seems so unfair doesn't it???
And I'll check in again soon,, she's a persistent one!!
Take care. And great to hear from you x

Re: 3 or more failed ivf stim cycles

Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:12 am

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