Very encouraging IVF research for older (40+) hopeful mums

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Very encouraging IVF research for older (40+) hopeful mums

Postby HopefulSoloMum » Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:59 am

Hi all,

I have just completed 2 rounds of IUI with Gonal F and all the other interventions, including using a donor and very sad to report that I am not pregnant having tested last Thursday. I have been recommended to move to IVF now. I will certainly be visiting this section of the site often and really appreciate all the stories and information you all share, which as we all know, is really helpful in our situations. I am a hopeful solo mum. I've just begun my IVF research in the past couple of days and found this research article which is very encouraging, given that I'm two weeks from turning 40. I thought I would share on here and hope that it gives others the same encouragement. ... -Stage.pdf

Some key points and quotes:

Study carried out by the Colorado Centre for Reproductive Medicine which indicates that, along with comprehensive chromosome screening at the blastocyst stage, freezing the embryos for 1 to 2 months to allow the potential mother’s body and hormones to settle in readiness for implantation and increase uterine receptivity, can have a very positive effect on outcomes leading to live births for older women. Quoting from an interview by one of the researchers, Dr Mandy G. Katz-Jaffe Ph.D from the CCRM – “If a woman aged 38 to 42 has an embryo with a normal number of chromosomes, her chances of [successful] implantation are independent of her age.” And - “If she’s 41 or 42, she’s still got a 60 per cent chance of implantation. She has the same chance as someone who is 32.” “Recent studies indicate that delaying implantation alone also boosts pregnancy rates, so combining the two techniques could be the optimum treatment.”

Wishing for all our wishes to come true some day.

God bless.
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Re: Very encouraging IVF research for older (40+) hopeful mu

Postby Adventurer » Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:01 am

Best of luck to you! Sorry you have to do IVF but yes at the right fertility clinic your chances are very high for success! As far as I'm aware, CCRM has the highest success rates in the country across all types of infertility. This is because they do mostly embryo banking and PGS testing of embryos followed by FET of known chromosomally normal embies. This is how I got pregnant at 40 (but my RE was Dr. Sher in Vegas).
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