First IVF appt- what should I ask?

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First IVF appt- what should I ask?

Postby Jean789 » Tue May 26, 2015 9:53 am

Hi Ladies. We have an appt to discuss possibly starting the IVF journey the first week of June.

What do you wish you had asked at your first appointment? Is there something you think we should DEF bring up that we might not be thinking about at this time?

I appreciate any insight. Thanks!
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First OBGYN appt. went well! We have a very active, jumping bean! :-)
Next appt. at 14 weeks.
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Re: First IVF appt- what should I ask?

Postby Zerbinetta0 » Tue May 26, 2015 10:05 am

Hi everyone! This is my first post after stalking this board for awhile and soaking up your amazing stories.

We met with our RE for the first time in February, and started the long process (expecting first IVF cycle in early July). I'd reached out to friends who have been through IVF recently and asked them this same question. The best suggestions I received (and questions I'd never thought to ask) were:

Have you worked with couples dealing with our specific type(s) of infertility issues?
Do you have a end point (i.e., when you'd suggest that we end treatment)?
Do you work with different kinds of protocol based on patients and unsuccessful attempts?

Of course, the question I most desperately wanted an answer to is the one no doctor could accurately give - what are our chances of carrying a healthy baby to term? I've just had to let that one go.
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Re: First IVF appt- what should I ask?

Postby hero7 » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:40 am

Hi Jean, I just saw your posts and wanted to wish you good luck for your IVF next month! My DH and I go for our 2nd consultation today with the fertility specialist - 1st consult we set up all our tests, etc.

I'm nervous and excited too! I was told I have a bum left tube so may require surgery. I have the same questions as you - how long does this take and what should I be asking the doctor!?! I don't even know at this point if IVF will be our initial protocol, but I'm pretty sure it will...

If you have any tips now that you've been there/done that, I'd love to hear them! Babydust to you!!!
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