Help! Crazy implantation pinching same day as transfer!??

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Help! Crazy implantation pinching same day as transfer!??

Postby Holly2earlyblasts » Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:35 am

Thanks so much in advance to anyone who replies here!
Ivf FET #2 yesterday: 2 super duper beautiful little 5day hatching blasts! (The top two in the picture.) So proud of them already!

Experienced the usual pinching pains all evening last night. Doc said they would Implant within 12 hours but can't imagine they would implant to the point of giving obvious pain so quickly? Seems so quick. I've had nothing at all today which makes me wonder if they were just super eager and ready?

Had the same pinching sensation 1dp5dt with last months two dodgy early blasts that ended in chemical. Have also had three previous pregnancies, 2 darling daughters (8,2) and 1 son 2nd trimester loss :( in December so familiar with the implantation sensation.

Just wondered if anyone else hashad implantation pains sssoooo soon after transfer (and got BFP). Am I going mad?! Help!

Thanks again in advance xx lots of love xx
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Re: Help! Crazy implantation pinching same day as transfer!?

Postby Adventurer » Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:15 pm

Congrats on ET! I don't think the early pinching is much of an indicator. I think it's too early. The implantation process can start as early as 12 hours after ET especially with hatching blasts but the whole process can take a couple days or more before HCG will register in your blood. And then a little longer to register on a hpt. Symptoms are not necessarily indicative either way because you're on progesterone and every woman is different. And one pregnancy can differ from the next. My first transfer (fresh) I was extremely exhausted and bloated/gassy and it resulted in a BFN while my second transfer (frozen) I had barely any symptoms except for lots of gas. One stretching pain in pelvis on 5dpt. But I got a BFP. Good luck! I know the wait is very hard.
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