High Progesterone Levels in Follicular Phase?

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High Progesterone Levels in Follicular Phase?

Postby Praying4Positive » Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:39 am

I've started my first IVF cycle last month, but unfortunately after 3 weeks on birth control pills, my progesterone levels were slightly too high (1.5-1.7) and doc recommended a freeze all cycle, if not I'd have to wait for the next cycle. I decided to go ahead and do the freeze all. Turns out I overstimulated and my estrogen levels would have caused me to do a freeze all cycle anyway for fear of OHSS (I had 25 eggs retrieved, 23 mature, 17 fertilized, and lucky number 13 embabies made it to Day 5 freeze). BTW, during all the ultrasound and blood work visits conducted during the IVF cycle, nurses always indicated how good my lining looked.

Now I'm ready to start my FET and again, progesterone levels are too high (1.8 ). I was ordered to go a week on birth control and come back in to test my levels again.

Have any of you had this problem? If your doc ordered birth control for you, did it work? Are there any other methods/procedures/medications to reduce my progesterone? I've also heard of some studies indicating high responders are more prone to high prog. levels. Could this just be my normal?

Any kind of insight/experience/suggestions are greatly appreciated! I go into the doc tomorrow to test levels again and if still too high, I'm going to talk to the doc about changing my protocol...'cause birth control ain't cuttin' it! :)

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Re: High Progesterone Levels in Follicular Phase?

Postby Tesskcmo » Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:08 am

My doctor said yesterday that they will do labs and if my progesterone level is too high that I'll have to do a FET. Did you ever have your transfer?
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