3 chemical pregnancies. PGS next?

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3 chemical pregnancies. PGS next?

Postby Marshmello23 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:11 pm

28 years old with PCOS and husband is 30 with low sperm count and bad motility/morphology. Did IVF with ICSI - first attemp produced 24 eggs, 20 were mature, 7 went on to be blasts. Transferred 2 (got my son) and 5 frozen for future FETs.

Following years, Did 2 Fets transferring 2 blasts each time and both resulted in chemical pregnancies.

Ended up switching to another RE and started
with a fresh cycle. 21 retrieved with 20 mature. 18 fertilized, but for some reason out of that I only ended up with 1 blast and 1 early blast - nothing to freeze. I was so dissapointed but still hopeful - we transferred both embryos and got another chemical pregnancy.

Blood tested for everything they could think of (hubby too) and everything looks normal they say. They don't have any explanation for me as to why.

I asked about PGS and my RE thinks it is probably what I need to do at this point. He did say he wants to do a less aggressive protocol on me though I don't why. He mentioned to avoid hyper stimulation but I've never had this problem before. I am afraid a gentler protocol will yield less eggs to test (I had a lot of eggs last cycle and still ended up with only 2 good enough to transfer and none to making it to freeze, so that scares me). I don't have a well of funds to do multiple cycles at this point - I'm pretty spent. I think this may be my last try.

I guess what I what to know is can anyone share their experience with PGS? Has anyone gone on to have a viable pregnancy with PGS after multiple losses? I need some hope.

I also want to know if it's possible to do PGS on a blast that's already been frozen (as I have 1 left from that first batch years ago)?
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Re: 3 chemical pregnancies. PGS next?

Postby threedogsandababy » Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:21 pm

Hi Marshmello -- I am also 28 and just now in the middle of my first IVF cycle. My doctor suspects I have PCOS (although likely mild as I don't have secondary pcos symptoms like excess weight, hirsutism/excess androgens), and with my doctor's strong suggestion, we opted to do PGS testing -- we retrieved 19, 17 fertilized, 7 made it to blast and were tested. Of the 7, we have 4 normal, 2 abnormal and 1 inconclusive (not enough DNA taken). I was glad that we discovered that some of our seemingly good-quality blasts actually had chromosomal defects, because if transferred, they probably wouldn't have made it. I hope someone else here has a success story to share, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck!
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9/28/15 - Begin IVF stims
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11/11 - FET (2 PGS normal blasts)
11/16 - :bfp:
11/20 - Beta #1 (9dp5dt) - 95
11/23 - Beta #2 (12dp5dt) - 387
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12/7 - US #2 - :hb: 120

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