Success with donor sperm?

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Success with donor sperm?

Postby jaidyn » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:29 pm

My husband has what appears to be degenerative sperm …. the count is dropping at each test, his morphology won't rise above 2% and we have tried everything to improve it (quit alcohol, antioxidants, vitamins you name it) ….
We have started IVF and from 16 eggs we only ended up with 4 embryos. The first was a fresh transfer which failed and now we are about to do a FET.

If our embryos do not take…. we are considering using donor sperm. For financial and emotional reasons.
If we do that we will be doing Artificial insemination for a few months with donor sperm to see if that works.

Has anyone had success once they used donor sperm?
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