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Postby olivia2015 » Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:36 am

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Re: Finished egg retrieval and period started. Awaiting PGD,

Postby threedogsandababy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:34 pm

Olivia - thanks for sharing your journey thus far! We are in a very similar spot - I'm probably a week or two ahead of you. I had a gut feeling something was wrong after only 3 months of trying with my DH. I have always had incredibly painful and heavy periods, and I just sort of knew something was wrong. But we did a load of tets, including SA and HSG, and everything appeared to be normal (although my current RE thinks I may have pcos despite not having many of the normal symptoms like excess weight or hair). We did a bunch of clomid/femara cyles and then an IUI. BFN after BFN after BFN. So now we are in the middle of our first freeze-all IVF cycle.

We retrieved 19, 17 fertilized, 7 blasts. We also did PGS testing and have four healthy embryos (three girls and a boy) -- our FET is scheduled for next Wednesday. Wow! You have 20 frozen embies! That's great, but I know you mentioned that you spoke with your doctor on how to avoid having too many frozen embies -- is that why you are doing PGD testing? When will you know the results?
Me: 28 (anovulation; PCOS)
DH: 28 (perfectly healthy)
IVF #1 - FET
9/28/15 - Begin IVF stims
10/13/15 - ER (ICSI, PGS, freeze all, FET) - 19 retrieved, 17 fertilized, 7 blasts biopsied/frozen, 4 PGS normal, 1 inconclusive
11/11 - FET (2 PGS normal blasts)
11/16 - :bfp:
11/20 - Beta #1 (9dp5dt) - 95
11/23 - Beta #2 (12dp5dt) - 387
11/30 - Beta #3 (19dp5dt) - 6711 & US #1 confirmed - one little girl! :babyg:
12/7 - US #2 - :hb: 120

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Re: Finished egg retrieval and period started. Awaiting PGD,

Postby Bg99 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:02 am

Hi Olivia!

Thanks for sharing your story. I can relate to a lot of it. My DH and I got married right out of college and were pregnant two months after. We thought we were the most fertile people ever! After she was born, we tried for two years to have a second and nothing. Tests showed that DH had the issue (come to find out recently I actually have a diminished ovarian reserve so it was me with the issue all along too! I wish I knew this then because I placed a lot of blame and resentment on him. Sigh)

We discussed what to do and IVF - our insurance at the time would pay for up to $25k worth of treatments! But still, because of religious believes and counsel from people in the church we decided against IVF. (I regret this "counsel" now. Pretty easy for someone who had a family with zero effort to say their were moral implications with IVF and it should be avoided)

So what now? Where does that leave us since IUI wasn't an option? In a beautiful way which is a long story but very much a God thing, we decided domestic adoption was the right path for us! Once we were on that path, which took us some time to get to, it was pretty smooth sailing! The home study process took us about 5 months and we were picked by our sons birthmom after only two days of our HS being complete! We were chosen the day he was born!!!! Talk about a whirlwind! He was also three states and 6 hours away and we had to remain in that state for 2 weeks while ICPC went through. But we had our beautiful, perfect little baby.

Our adoption was open, though long distance, and two years later our birthmom told us she was pregnant again and could we take that baby too? We were elated but sadly she changed her mind when we got to the hospital when he was born. Our son was devestated and so were we. Sadly it changed the really good open relationship we had with BM and it has done down hill. Not long after we finished up our foster care license which we were in the process of getting when the fall through baby was born so we could adopt again. We got a sweet baby out of the NICU and it was to be a "slam dunk" adoption (BM had 5 previous children all of whom were adopted out) Sadly for us, we loved on him for 9 months and then he was returned to his mom who had gotten it "together".

After these two heart breaking fall throughs, we moved to another state and took a break. And still my heart wanted another little one to love. While I LOVE adoption and am a huge advocate of it, I suppose I didn't want to put my family through another potential heart break. And the relationship with my sons birth mom has only gotten worse, nasty even, demanding visits (which is 1-2 a year and on the honor system) I think she views this adoption almost as a co-parenting arrangement. We've had to shut off contact other than letters for the time being simply because it's currently not a healthy relationship.

All that to say I still wanted a baby. I know, selfish, because I already have two. And I still struggle with GUILT because I'm choosing to try to bring another child in this world when there are already SO many who need a home, BUT "selfishly" I just want another baby who is mine and only mine. I don't want birth parents, social workers, court dates, home visits, paperwork....I want to have a baby and for people to leave me alone! Lol

Fast forward to now, I am on my last day of bed rest and in the2WW WAIT. We felt such a piece about IVF this time around and weren't worried about extra embryos this time around. We just know if God wants us to have a baby, He will take care of all the other details and I'm not going to worry about it a bit. So come to find out my diminished ovarian reserve is a blessing because I will only have one, possibly ZERO extra embies (we find out today if the third embie is freezeable. If it is, we'll throw it in in a year!)

Anyway, everyone's path is so different and can change on a dime. But never give up, there are many paths to growing your family and even the difficult ones are worth every effort and tear!

***I did not proof read this so I apologize if this is all over the place. Starting to go stir crazy, ha! ***
Me - 34 Low ovarian reserve
DH - 34 Low count (4 million) low motility
1 bio-11 yo,conceived naturally
1 adopted DS-6 yo
TTC since 2005


10/27/15 - 6 good follicles so far
ER 10/29
7 eggs retrieved!
6 eggs fertilized
3 embryos made it to day 5 blasts
ET-11/3/15 transferred two embies, 1 perfect, 1 fair
3rd embie didn't make it to freeze :(
**In the 2WW!!**
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