Anyone starting IVF March/ April and want to chat

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Anyone starting IVF March/ April and want to chat

Postby mybaby26 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:19 pm

looking for a buddy or buddies
am starting IVF in April
it would be nice to have people that i can chat with about this ,as this is my very first and am hoping my last ivf cycle befor my BFP :D
we have been TTC for over 4 years
so we want to go ahead with IVF
because we feel like we have waited long enough.
and we just want our lil family :cry: :cry:

i have already started my CB pills
am starting my stims next month
would like someone to chat with

anyone is the same shoes as me
Me 26 DH 27 Married for 2.5 years together for 7years :)
Never had a BFP /TTC since FOREVER :(
Apirl 17/2015-Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy ,Dye, D&C & Ovarian Drilling
Found Scar Tissue,some Blocking my Fallopian tube
Laser removal of the scar tissue & Ovarian Drilling /HGS-showed No blockage tube clear!!
AF May 11th/2015
Cycle#1 first try after Lap- Femara 5mg CD 3-7.
scan on CD13 follicle 12mm&11mm (2nd- Scan on CD16 22mm &14mm
-5/26- trigger shot Pregnyl -timed inter-course (Progesterone test June 2th/ 8.71
beta June9- 4.3 re-test- June12, 2nd beta cancelled AF June 11th BFN /
cycle#2 Femara 7.5 CD 3-7 /CD14 follicle 23mm triggerd -novarel 5000-lining 8.23 (BFN
AF on the 9th of July.
3rd try after Lap Clomid 100mg CD5-9 (+opk CD14 night
Starting IVF in ARPIL :D
TTC Diva
TTC Diva
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Re: Anyone starting IVF March/ April and want to chat

Postby alyca » Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:48 pm

We are heading for a late March/early April egg retrieval, then our first IVF attempt the next month.

A terribly frustrating and expensive process, to be sure. I actually juuust started my period tonight, which is 6 days earlier than they expected. I will have to call tomorrow with an update and to clarify whether they need me to come in for an US and lab draw (I don't think so--we did back in December and have a good idea what my normal levels are). My 2 cycles after IUD removal in December were very light (like literally only 12 hours of bleeding for my last period!!), so the timing of this next period was kind of a guess.

I am definitely excited to be doing something finally. Frustrated that we have spend $20k since this all started back in 2013, and all we have to show for it is a single embryo that has the mutation that caused my breast cancer. We would really rather not pass that along if we can avoid it.

I feel very confident that when we get to the point of actually putting an embryo in, I will get/stay pregnant and be fine. My sisters/mother all got pregnant when they wanted and with no issues, and I am convinced I will be the same.

So. Our RE actually did not really recommend doing another egg retrieval, since my FSH/AMH levels were normal for a 50 year old woman (I am 38). They saw 8 or so follicles on my US in December, so we are rolling the dice and crossing all related appendages and trying one more time to get some eggs to fertilize. We will be doing PGS (chromosome screening) and PGD (looking for my BRCA mutation) on whatever embryos we end up with.

I am due to start checking for ovulation in another week or so, then start taking Estrace to sensitize my follicles. Then we wait for my next period and bring out the big guns--Clomid, Follistim and Menopur, then Ganirelix with an HCG trigger. Holy meds, Batman!!
I am 38/husband is 39. No fertility issues whatsoever (that we know of)

8 frozen embryos from 5/13, frozen the day before I started chemo for BRCA1 breast cancer
Embryos thawed 10/27/15---2 survived to blastocyst: Graded 6AA and 5AA
One embryo with chromosome issues; one female embryo with BRCA mutation

One more attempt to get eggs: aggressive retrieval planned with Estrace, Clomid, Follistim, Menopur, Ganirelix/Cetrotide, then HCG trigger.
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