Going for 2nd baby after successful IVF!

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Going for 2nd baby after successful IVF!

Postby AmazinglyAmy » Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:02 pm

Hello everyone! These boards were so important to me when I first started TTC. I tried for a year before learning my endometriosis had blocked both of my tubes completely, making it impossible for me to conceive on my own :cry:

We did an IVF cycle October 2014, implanted 2 and both stuck initially but we lost one a little before 8 weeks. Our wonderful son was born June 2015 !

He is now almost 13 months and I met with our fertility specialist about going for the next transfer. I have 3 frozen embryos and we are looking at another fall transfer. We have to decide, do we want to transfer 1 or 2?

Anyone have twins after a single? I would LOVE twins but can we handle it? Any words of wisdom/caution?

Me: 29, endometriosis, both tubes blocked
DH: 27, low sperm count
Together 12 years
TTC 13 months
IVF cycle #1
Retrieval 10/1 - 12 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized.
5 Day transfer 10/6 - 2 5AA blasts transfered, 3 4AB x2,4BB, frozen
10/15 Beta results in
BFP! Hcg 339! Stick and grow!
10/23 HCG 5,345
First u/s 11/3- Two sacs and two little heartbeats! Twins!
2nd u/s 11/17- Baby A- HB163 measuring on target, Baby B-Angel in heaven
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Re: Going for 2nd baby after successful IVF!

Postby Danaa » Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:20 am

Hey there
We are a group of
Ladies just starting our ivf journey if you want you can join us here viewtopic.php?f=50&t=243900.Our old thread has the same name you can check it out if you want,it has a bit about us in there.
My Ovulation Chart
Me 29
DH 31
After 3 years in which we tried everything we are doing IVF in Greece with Iakentro Athens.
Short Protocol with Bemfola and Cetrotide
19mature eggs and we have 9 day5 blasto.
FET#1 ended in a very early loss,chemical pregnancy.
FET#2 ended in a loss at 22w due to IC,my boys will be forever in my heart .
FET#3 MMC at the 10 weeks ultrasound.
FET#4 2018
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Re: Going for 2nd baby after successful IVF!

Postby annaluca » Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:59 pm

Hey Amy - I am doing the same thing! As Danaa mentioned, there is another board that we're on for summer IVF cycles. I have my transfer next week, so I don't have a positive story to share (yet!! Fx!) but I've been searching the internet like a fiend for similar stories and found some good ones last night. Hopefully I'll have one to share soon. Good luck to you and join us on the other thread!
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Re: Going for 2nd baby after successful IVF!

Postby annaluca » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:03 pm

Meant to say that I didn't have twins after a single...we're actually doing the opposite. Trying for our single frozen baby after twins from a successful fresh cycle in Oct. 2013. I do have a friend who has a singleton and then had twins. Her oldest was 3 when she got pregnant though so she was older than your son. I'm sure having 3, 2 and under, will be a little rough but it's been done before! Good luck!
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Re: Going for 2nd baby after successful IVF!

Postby Wishing4A star » Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:09 pm

Hi Amy,
I was so excited when i seen your post! Not sure if you remember me but we went through ivf together matter fact I believe we exchanged baby gifts with each other. Anyway, Im actually trying to go for round two as well. My only problem baby girl still nursing :doh: . how is baby boy doing? Is he nursing?
TTC : 2years +
December 2013- Hsg done -dx with block tubes
January 2013- lap surgery done(right tube opened)
March 2013- clomid/IUI #1
April 2013 - Bfp (chemical)
September 2013- February 2014- medicated cycles with monitoring still no baby.
April 2014- consult with fertility dr.
******Moving on to Ivf ******
May 5th- Ivf educational day
May 13th- lap surgery
July4th- started stims
July 15th - retrieval 16 eggs 14 fertilized
July 20th - transfer/ July 30 beta negative
Ivf # 2
Aug 3rd- started bcp for 3 wks
Aug 16th- started lupron
September 16th- Fet
September- 26th beta confirmed :bfp:
Beta #1 -10dp5dt = 321
Beta #2 -13dp5dt = 1561
Beta #3 - 15dp5dt = 4407
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