Vanishing Twin Syndrome - rising and falling HCG

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Vanishing Twin Syndrome - rising and falling HCG

Postby nboots » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:35 pm

I know that lots of folks have struggled with infertility for so long, and many to have disappointing levels of success. Because my story is so unique, I am making an effort to post it to as many places as I can, so that if someone else is in a similar place, it will give them some hope!

We have been struggling with infertility for almost 5 years. I am 36, and DH is 33. Altogether, we’ve gone through 13 medicated or injectable cycles with IUIs, and two cycles of IVF. My story concerns the last cycle of IVF, where we transferred two embryos during an FET. Before this cycle, we had never once seen a positive OPK or pregnancy test, due entirely because of my PCOS, which causes me to have periods 3 to 4 times a year.

We transferred on 7/16/16, and during the two week wait, I had lots of nausea, fatigue, and sore breats, which is typical when you are on estrace and progesterone support following transfer, but the nausea was new, which made me hopeful. On Wednesday, 7/27/16, we went to get our first beta, and it was 186! We were elated with the positive blood test and celebrated that night. My DH was the happiest I had ever seen him, and he brought me flowers to work took me out to lunch. We were so excited, we each told our family and some very close friends.

On Friday, we returned for HCG, and received a call from the nurse, who advised us that it had gone down to 162, and that unfortunately, it looked like we were miscarrying, because the number didn’t double, but decreased. We spent the weekend in gloom and doom and trying to process such a sudden loss. They asked us to return on Monday for a final blood test so that we could make sure it wasn’t ectopic, because that was their main concern at this point.

On Monday, we trudged back in for bloodwork, and to everyone’s surprise, it rose to 305. Not double, but something. So the nurse was even more concerned that it was definitely looking like an ectopic, and she was worried that I might have to lose a tube if it wasn’t handled quickly. This would mean I would be out for a week in recovery, so I wasn’t happy to hear that either. They asked we return on Wednesday for an ultrasound and blood again, since ectopics can cause HCG to skyrocket.

On Wednesday, we did both a belly and vaginal ultrasound, and lo and behold, the sonogram tech advised us that they found a gestational sac in my uterus, and that it measured right on schedule for 5.3 weeks. We were shocked and bewildered, especially me, because I was just looking forward to the next cycle, thinking that this cycle was a wash. Next, they informed us that the blood came back at 636, which meant that it had more than doubled! After talking to the doctor, he explained that it seemed that what had occurred was a rare case of “vanishing twin” syndrome, where both embryos took in the beginning, but one passed while the other survived, causing the drop in HCG. So what probably happened was the following:

7.27 – 186 (111 first embie, 75 second embie)
7.29 – 162 (12 first embie, 150 second embie)
8.1 – 305 (second embie doubling)
8.3 – 636 (second embie doubling again)

Now we are hoping to having doubling again tomorrow morning, and continue what seems like a possibly healthy pregnancy. Emotionally, we’re exhausted, and still cautious. But SO thankful that we didn’t just go straight to the d&c or take the methotextrate shot. Hopefully, this story helps someone!
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Re: Vanishing Twin Syndrome - rising and falling HCG

Postby Danaa » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:56 pm

Ty for posting your story and congrats on ur pregnancy!
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