Travel day after transfer?

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Travel day after transfer?

Postby MGK5 » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:35 am

Hi Ladies,

We are scheduled to travel (not too far, domestic 2ish hour flight) the day after our transfer and my clinic has told me that its up to me and how I feel the day of the transfer and after to decide whether or not to go. Did any of you travel after your transfer? If yes, did you take any specific precautions? Did your RE have strong recommendations or advise against it?

Thank you!
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Re: Travel day after transfer?

Postby Doodlemae » Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:17 pm

Before I started this whole Ivf process we had booked a vacation to Disney for the first week of December. Although my transfer is not expected until the middle of November, we decided to cancel the trip just for a piece of mind. In the event that this cycle did result in pregnancy, I did not want the added stress of travel, especially to a place like Disney. As far as traveling the day after your transfer, I would say that is up to you. From what I have read people are advised to not travel for 24-48 hours after transfer. Good luck with the decision, just sharing my expierence and wish it were easier to be able to predict our outcomes! I know I went back and forth with it for a while! Is this trip a must? Or could it easily be rescheduled?
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Re: Travel day after transfer?

Postby Puddles-O-Cuddles » Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:57 am

I agree with Doodle...
Do what gives you peace of mind.

Maybe try to see how you'd feel if you could plan it backwards...In the event your transfer doesn't take (fingers crossed that this isn't the case, of course!) would you wonder if it was because of the stress or activity of travel if you decided to take the trip? Is the trip important enough that if you became pregnant and *didn't* take the trip, would you be disappointed?
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Re: Travel day after transfer?

Postby MGK5 » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:53 am

Thank you so much Doodle and Puddles! We decided on cancel this trip because I didn't want to impact any chances of implantation due to air travel. Thank you for your thoughts :)
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