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After hysteroscopy/HSG move on to IVF or try a last IUI?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:10 pm
by HopeSIN
Hello ladies,

I wanted to get some input from you and see if anyone else might have been in a similar situation: our infertility issues are male factor and I did get pregnant on my 1st IUI this year which sadly ended in a stillbirth. Since then we've had 4 more IUIs, all unsuccessful. So I was recommended to do a hysteroscopy & laparoscopy before moving on to IVF just to see if there's also any issues on my end. They indeed did find some scar tissue (most likely from the stillbirth and the D&C i had back then) around the cervix and in the uterus that they removed, they also cleaned out the tubes and then they found some mild endometriosis during the laparoscopy.

So now instead of straight moving on to IVF my doctor recommended to try another one or two rounds of IUI since after clearing out the scar tissue and having the fallopian tubes cleaned with an HSG success rates might be higher again.

I know that over a life time 1 or 2 months are nothing, but with having lost a baby in the 6th month of pregnancy and having been so close to have a baby, every month now seems so so long and I can't think of anything else all day long than getting pregnant again.

Any advise from any of you? Thanks so much in advance!

Re: After hysteroscopy/HSG move on to IVF or try a last IUI?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:37 pm
by Doodlemae
Hey Hope! I am very sorry to hear about your still birth and struggles with pregnancy since. Our infertility is also due to male factor. While all of my testing checked out fine, my RE recommended IVF right from the start due to the MFI. I wanted to try iui before moving to IVF but after 3 failed clomid iuis we decided to move to Ivf with ICSI. I had my retrieval at the beginning of November but had to do a freeze all due to risk of OHSS. Waiting for my next cycle to start to move forward with FET. Iui in your case sounds promising because you have already achieved a pregnancy that way, but I understand the struggle when there are options on the table. In my experience (probably because my 3iuis failed) I wish that I had started Ivf sooner because I would be three months ahead of the game if I did not try the iuis. I was so against/nervous about ivf but in my opinion, the process was so much easier than I thought it would be. Sorry for the rambling and no straight answer just sharing my experience! Good luck with your decision :)

Re: After hysteroscopy/HSG move on to IVF or try a last IUI?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:59 am
by HopeSIN
Thanks so much Doodlemae for your insight and for sharing - that really helped.
It's just that the whole waiting around is starting to get to me. And it's funny how even only one single day can feel like an eternity when waiting to get pregnant, let alone the prospect of another two, three months.

Sorry to hear about your OHSS - was it confirmed that you have it or did they want you to wait because it was a suspected case only? How many eggs were retrieved, if I may ask?

Re: After hysteroscopy/HSG move on to IVF or try a last IUI?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:52 am
by Doodlemae
Hi Hope- I am glad that my insight helped! The waiting is for sure one of the worst parts of this whole TTC process. It's one wait after another! I wasn't told I would have to freeze all until the day before I triggered which was such a let down, especially when I thought I was so close to transfer.

It was not confirmed that I had OHSS but they had me trigger with lupron and do a freeze all because I had over 50 follicles so I was at high risk to develop OHSS. They ended up retrieving 22 eggs. If I had any OHSS it was very mild, the first couple days I had some bloating and I was couch bound for about 3 days.

Re: After hysteroscopy/HSG move on to IVF or try a last IUI?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:31 am
by HopeSIN
Thanks so much for all the info!
Yeah, it's really hard - and I think the hardest is that while for us every single day seems like an eternity in this whole TTC process, it's hard to argue with people who don't understand. To be honest, I am almost leaning towards doing 1 IUI max and then moving on to IVF, cause I feel that after 4 unsuccessful IUIs that it might be a waste of time, even though my doc argues that the parameters are different due to my laparoscoy/hysteroscopy (and the removed scar tissue & mild endo) and that my chances should we way higher with IUI (and thus I'm sure she's gonna recommend another 2 IUI cycles).
But I'm so afraid of losing another 2 months with two IUIs. Also, after the stillbirth I've had I'm so afraid of another miscarriage or - even worse - a 2nd stillbirth and then it'd be all back to starting point, whereas with IVF I'd in that case have some "spare" frozen eggs. I hope I doesn't sound like a horrible person stuff like that...but it's been terrible having been pregnant for 7 months this year but yet there I am without a baby and after 4 new failed IUIs.

22 retrieved follicles is a lot!!! That's great news! How many of them did you end up freezing? Any news on when the FET is approx. scheduled?