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Postby Ozmumma2017 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:39 pm

Hi All!

New here, just looking for some advice or reassurance or just anything to stop me going out of my mind!

We had our very first FET (5 day embryo) on the 12th April. Today is 12 days post transfer (the day of our first blood test for hcg levels) so thought surely I would be OK to do a HPT this morning to "prepare me" for news following the blood results....

And it was negative :(

Went and got the bloods done anyway - but are now preparing for the worst. And won't have blood results for 24 hours... so more torture.

12 days out from a 5day transfer it should be showing in a home pregnancy test right? (Using clear blue "early" tests that say they can pick up a result 6 days before a missed period).

Going crazy. Part of me wants to believe that surely if it was negative, I would have got AF by now (4 days late going off first day of last period). But then part of me knows that AF isn't here because of the Progesterone pessaries and other medication.

Going to be the longest 24 hours.

Has anyone received positive blood results after a negative HPT on the same day? Or am I stupid for even entertaining that thought?!

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