June 2017 stims & July Transfer

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June 2017 stims & July Transfer

Postby Buttercup1222 » Wed May 17, 2017 5:18 pm

Me: 30, thyroid issues, mostly good tests with slightly low AMH
DH: 31, pretty good counts & motility but low morph

TTC #1 since May 2015

Starting first round of IVF this June with (hopefully) ER planned around July 4th and ET the following week.

Maybe too early to start looking for buddies, but we just had our orientation appointment today and I'm doing my mock ET tomorrow, so I'm just very anxious to get the process going!

Anyone out there already know you'll be doing a cycle early this summer?
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Re: June 2017 stims & July Transfer

Postby pandagrl » Thu May 18, 2017 7:08 am

Hi Buttercup... I don't know for sure, but I am hoping that I can do another cycle in June. This will be IVF #2 for me. I just had a failed FET. I have two frosties left but because of my age, I would like to try to do another round of IVF to produce more embryos and then send them all off for PGS testing. I'll be seeing my doctor next week to figure out the timeline. Hope to chat with you over the next couple of months!
Me 41, SO 46

IUI #1 - 8/2015 - BFP but miscarried
4 more IUI's in 2016, all BFN

IVF - ER 3/3/2017 - canceled cycle (partner couldn't produce sperm - almost killed him)
9 eggs frozen
5/2/2017 - 6 eggs made the thaw and all fertilized
5/7/2017 - 1 embryo transferred - BFN
2 frosties remaining

7/22/2017 - natural BFP - chemical
8/21/2017 - another natural BFP :omg:

TTC Princess
TTC Princess
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Re: June 2017 stims & July Transfer

Postby FingersRealCrossed » Sat May 20, 2017 10:22 am

Hi Ladies!
I have an FET loosely scheduled for late July/Early august...not sure how active I'll be on this thread, but I wanted to stop in and say hi. This will be my 4th FET (my 1st didn't work, 2nd was a 7 week miscarriage and 3rd was a chemical pregnancy) and I just recovered from my 3rd egg retrieval...the first 2 retrievals resulted in only a few ok-ish quality embryos, but this last retrieval we did a long lurpon cycle and the results were 8 beautiful blastocysts, more than half of which are really excellent quality...however lupron about killed me with a bad case of OHSS that put me in the hospital for a few days. I've fully recovered, but felt more comfortable waiting a cycle or two to let my body recuperate before transfer. We planned a babymoon for late this June back before my miscarriage, so we're planning to start prep for transfer as soon as we're back from that trip.
Best of luck to you girls...if I don't stop in very often to say hi, please know that my fingers are crossed for you!
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