7dp5dt low Estradol

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7dp5dt low Estradol

Postby Mrs&MrsZ » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:49 am

Hi, my wife and I underwent our first fresh embryo transfer 8 days ago. We transferred 1 BB blasto and 4 morula. Up until yesterday 7dp5dt, we were doing the routine supplementation of PIO and 3 Entrace orally a day. I did a frer 5dp5dt and an ept 7dp5dt with both indicating a depressing bfn. From 5dp5dt I had been having lots of AF type cramping and presumed the cycle was a bust and my monthly was on the way as I would normally get it in the next couple of days. Then I had my blood work to check my levels yesterday and received a message that I needed to increase my Entrace an additional pill a day.

But this left me confused. Isn't it typical for Estradol levels to decrease if implantation hasn't occurred so the lining will shed? Why would my RE increase my Estradol if implantation hasn't occurred? Is it just so I can make the beta test in 6 days? False hope?

I am so confused as to why they would keep me on medication longer unnecessarily... I would appreciate it if someone seasoned in IVF might have any answers for me.
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