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Postby jmendez8409 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:15 am

Hello! I just had my FET yesterday! One little embryo, it's my first time and I'm kinda nervous but more excited than anything else. Hubs and I have been trying on and off since Dec 2012...we had one failed IUI cycle and given our history decided to go straight to IVF after that. We did the IVF stim cycle in May and were able to freeze three 7 day blastocysts.(We did ICSI and PGS testing to get the best results) We did our single embryo transfer yesterday. (sorry if I'm saying some of this wrong, it's all still so new to me). And now I'm on bed rest for three days.

Would love any support and love you have to give and was wondering if anyone else was scheduled to transfer this month?

I'll be doing blood work next Thursday to find out if this little one stuck! I've also been going to acupuncture once a week since January...hoping that helps do the trick!

Good luck to everyone this month, look forward to connecting with you.
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Postby Nickysy » Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:11 am

Hi Jmendez: Good luck to you. Your blood test is almost here. I had my first FET transfer on Oct 4. Me and hubs have been trying on and off since sep 2015. I have been diagnosed with mild endo and mild pcod, though my cycles are very regular. No issue with hubs. After 3 failed IUIs, we decided to go ahead directly with IVF. My blood test is scheduled for 19th of Oct.
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Me(35), DH (33), Ttc#1 since Sep 2015
Endometriosis diagnosed feb 2015
3 Failed IUIs, IVF 1 July 2017- 6 embryos day3 frozen, FET#1 (oct 2017)- Chemical Pregnancy, FET#2 (nov 2018)- BFN. IVF 2, Jan 2019- 1 day6 PGS normal blastocyst frozen, FET#3- Feb 2019- BFN
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Postby bacook » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:59 am

Hello ladies! I have stalked this site for years, but never posted. I wanted to know how your IVF journeys ended up? I'm 29, husband 30. We just had our first IVF fresh egg transfer yesterday. We are dx unexplained infertility. How many eggs did you get from your retrieval? How many and what kind did you transfer? Would love any feedback!
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Postby Carrie214 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:26 pm

Hi bacook - This is our second IVF cycle. We also had our first fresh transfer yesterday (19th) which was day 3. We only transferred one. Sadly we only had 2 to choose from, the good and the... not so good. After our first IVF where all our embyros arrested our RE changed protocols to hopefully get a better outcome. Egg production wise the different protocol was nowhere near as successful, however we at least got to transfer this time. Now just waiting til the end of the month for blood test.

How did you get on with your retrieval and transfer?

Hi jmendez & Nickysy,
how did you get on with your blood tests?
ME & DH - 29
TTC #1 since Aug 2015 - Officially unexplained (likely endometriosis, no lap yet)
Slightly low AMH

Clomid #1-4 : BFN

1st IVF - Short protocol
9 eggs: 5 fertilised
Day 5 - all embryos 2 days behind - transfer cancelled.
Day 6 - all embryos stopped developing.
Unexpected small endometrioma on right ovary discovered and drained at egg retrieval

2nd IVF - Long Protocol - Time Lapse Morphometry Imaging
Larger endometrioma on right ovary - avoided at retrieval.
3 eggs: 2 fertilised
Day 3 - one good quality 7 cell embryo transferred. One average 5 cell grown on.
Day 7 - remaining embryo expanded blast but no cell mass. No embryo to freeze.
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Postby Molle888 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:10 pm

Hi everyone,
I am looking for anyone who has ever been in the same position as I am in now. I’m 38 years old and we have a combo of old eggs and MFI. This is our third round of IVF. The first two failed. During each cycle my progesterone has risen too high and my clinic has recommended to freeze all embryos and do a FET since my lining is out of sync with the cycle. The problem this cycle was that none of my embryos made it to blast by day 6, so none were able to freeze. One made it to cavitating Morula, and since it wasn’t freezeable, my doctor said at the last minute to transfer it fresh (he said there was no chance if he didn’t put it back, but a slight chance if we did). That happened today. Has anyone ever been in this position and gotten a positive? I feel like this is a Hail Mary, and I’m not feeling very positive right now...
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Postby AlishaJ » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:55 am

My two IVF efforts were unsuccessful. Now I am going to take further measures. Decided to change the place.
I’ve read a lot about this issue and studied the market. Ukrainian clinics are said to be popular for infertility treatment.
I selected Babyboom clinic based on reviews. Currently I am negotiating with Babyboom clinic. They have convenient all-inclusive packages and managers are supportive. We are planning the first trip there soon together with husband. Has anyone came across their website?
Does anyone have experience of infertility treatment in Ukraine?
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