Young unfertile men.

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Young unfertile men.

Postby Infer » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:34 am

Hello. I'm 33, single, sad and utterly infertile.

The news came today. I don't really have anyone to talk or even simply tell this to, so I created an account on here. Anyway, the endocrinologist broke the news to me today. He said something to the effect of: "I'm sorry but all your samples are indicative of azoospermia. There's not much we can do. Your chances of ever fathering a child are rather slim to none even with assisted-reproduction technologies". As you might already be aware, that means that I shoot blanks. As in, total blanks. Not a single swimmer in the soup. My FSH is about twice the upper limit and serum testosterone is at the upper limit too. That implies complete spermatogenic failure.

I was never too keen on having children. As in, I'd probably make for an awful dad anyway. Besides, I am not sure I would want to pass on my defective genes (I'm 5'4, bald and now totally infertile as well) to anybody else. Why would I want to condemn another human being to this hell I live every day? I'd like to think that I'm not that evil. At this point, you might be wondering what the problem is given that I am not dying to have children, and you'd probably be justified. Well, the reason is that although I have always felt defective due to my (lack of) height, I am now feeling 200 times more defective. I suppose the fact that the option of having children has been taken away from me is also weighing on my mind for whatever reason. In short, I feel exceedingly inferior. Not quite a man and I know that those feelings are not exaggerated in the least.

I suppose I am writing this primarily because I find it cathartic. Writing this down and knowing that someday, someone might stumble on it and read it and perhaps experience sympathy for me is cathartic for whatever reason, but I'll also take this opportunity to ask a for your honest opinion with regard to the following questions (which just popped into my head):

1. To be entirely honest, I was hoping to find a woman to spend my days with. Do you think anyone would date somebody like myself? Do you think women find "men" like me disgusting?
2. Do you know anyone in my situation? How did he manage to keep going?

Thank you in advance.
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