CBD OIL use safe?

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CBD OIL use safe?

Postby sbkitten » Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:39 am

New member. I have a long complicated IVF story I won't bore you with RN. I have an embryo I spent 80K on (No, I'm not rich, I can't afford to do any more retrievals, but my doc doesn't think I should anyway because I have poor egg quality and we're lucky to have one good embryo in her opinion.)

My question is, because my doctor just cut me off an yelled "NO MARIJUANA" when I asked her ( I am not going to switch doctors now, she has my 80K embryo, but she has a terrible bedside manner) is has anyone gotten the OK to use CBD oil for pain?

I have a chronic pain issue (bad pirifomis syndrome, a muscle is compressing my sciatic nerve and it keeps getting worse). At this point we've ruled out anything to help other than surgery. The surgery waiting list is months long and my doc shriekd "No surgery! We'd have to wait months for you to recover, we don't want that." But a few weeks prior, she said she wanted me to get rid of my pain because pain causes stress and stress could be contributing to my uterine lining abnormality.

Long story short, I will be repeating my uterine biopsy as soon as the cortisone is out of my system. The cortisone shot in my piriformis muscle unfortunately didn't fix the pain issue. Which is why I'm out of options besides surgery to fix the pain.

Now, I was going to try CBD Oil salve for pain. Apparently the kind that is more effective DOES have a little THC in it, but you don't get high because of the formula, it's a topical cream you put on your pain spot, you don't ingest it orally or smoke it. No psychoactive properties.

Anyway, if she gave me more time, or if she didn't see things so black and white "NO MARIJUANA!", I'd trust her reply better. I know other people have RE docs who take more time to listen and answer questions in detail. I wonder if anyone has been okay'd to use this product?

Unfortunately the pain pills don't work very well, and even if they did, most of them I won't be allowed to take near the time of the mock transfer (biopsy) or eventual transfer.

Thanks for any advice or even emotional support that my doc is kinda the worst at talking to. (Though I believe she is good at the medical part of her job, I am repeatedly told by so many people she is the best in town)
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Re: CBD OIL use safe?

Postby JonesCrow » Thu May 09, 2019 1:36 am

CBD oil is not addictive, the safest way to use it is to vape it. Basically, when you vape it, you burn the cannabinoids at a lower temperature than you would if you burned it in a flame, in order to not burn plant matter and ingest carcinogens.
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