IUI timing without trigger

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When did you do your IUI (no trigger)?

12 hours after +OPK
24 hours after +OPK
36 hours after +OPK
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More than 36 hours +OPK
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IUI timing without trigger

Postby MommyofAlex » Fri May 23, 2008 10:11 am

Just wondering what everyone's timing was for doing an IUI after your first positive OPK? I just got my first +OPK (smiley face OPK) this morning at 7 am and when I called my doctor, she at first wanted me to come in TODAY at 5 pm to do the IUI. When I questioned whether that was too early, she finally agreed to do my IUI tomorrow morning at 9 am. I'm just wondering now if I've messed up my timing and it will be too late. I tested last night with my OPKs at 7 pm and it was still negative (no smiley face). I always thought they do the IUIs closer to 24 hours after your +OPK???? What was your experience with the timing (no trigger shot involved)??

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