wierd pelvic bone pain ouch

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wierd pelvic bone pain ouch

Postby itsabouttime » Sun May 15, 2011 4:54 pm

okay this is wierdest ache/ pain ever . its not top of my pelvic bone like ud feel below ur abdomen. its like the bottom of it towards left leg. aches so bad like someone took a hammer & hit it... its like the birthcanal bone you know how it seperates before deliver thats what it feels like. im only 6 dpo wth? & if i set dowwn to fast i feel serious pressure in my uterus. any one had this?
ps its not from bding i havent bd in like 3 days...
<div>Well Im hoping this is it!! had surgery fixed all my issues except my pcos (wish there was a surgery for that) fx crossed and praying to god everynight.</div>

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