Newbe?! Help!

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Newbe?! Help!

Postby NewlyWed62 » Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:34 pm

So, I'm new to the forum. I just got married June 2 and while we never really used protection in the past, my husband and I are TTC officially. We are very excited. Anyway, I've started eating better laying off the salt - I love salt - and caffeine, etc. I've been trying all the tips amd tricks... Legs up air bicycles after, you know? But when I went to do that tonight I experience the worse leg cramp in my calf of my life. I put my leg up and it hit. I'm not a crier but the moment it jerked I cried without control. As soon as it stop and I went to just flex my leg it did this again. This continued for well into 15 minutes. Besides this I've only had lower stomach cramping and a runny nose. I've also been peeing just about every 30 minutes. My middle back has had painful knots on alternating sides, and the back of my calves have been sore. I've also noticed thick white discharge in my panties. One other thing that I don't really understand is an odd hot spot on my left ankle which randomly has a mild burning sensation in a very specific spot but no rash or redness on or around area. Sorry, for the long post.
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